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Try Carter

In the mall, Neela sits down dejectedly on a bench. From an aerial, we snap to a mid-shot that enables us to read the bench, which is an ad for a temp agency. Cut to her inside it. Again: what temp agency is interviewing people, much less placing them, on July Fourth? Is she in Canada? It's early October in Canada for her, isn't it? Neela cites her restaurant experience at the curry house, but with the caveat that she never wants to work in one again. "I don't even like eating in them," she shudders. That doesn't speak highly to the quality and cleanliness of her parents' establishment. Neela explains that the restaurant is the last of her job experience because she went to med school. "Wow!" the woman gushes. "We don't get many doctors in here." She reviews Neela's placement test, on which she scored highly, but they can't figure out what relevant experience she has. They quickly rule out retail, sales, secretarial, bookkeeping, horticulture (?), electrical, and mechanics. "Perhaps we'd have better luck if you told us what you can do," the woman says. "Let's see: I can crack open your chest, reinflate your lung, and squeeze your heart back to life," Neela says bitterly, without missing a beat. "Okaaaay," says the creeped-out temp lady. I love Parminder Nagra. I seriously just love seeing her on screen -- she's so good. Even though I hate Neela's story and wish she would quit moping already, I think Parminder is brilliant at it. With her, there's truth in all of it. Even the parts that are ridiculous.

Outside Trauma Yellow, Elizabeth and Carter are staring in at GSW Guy's brain-dead body. "Dubenko was right to pass," she says. "Why are you pushing so hard?" Carter's heart bleeds through the litany of reasons: this is Douglas's last hope, he couldn't save GSW Guy, he wants to find good in this tragedy, he has a hero complex, his kid is dead, he dieted a lot before this season, Alex Kingston got axed and this is how the writers are making her goes on and on. "What if they sue?" Elizabeth counters. "Who?" Carter retorts. Elizabeth thinks. "The hosptal could fire me." And here, it's interesting that Carter's response is "Well, that is a concern." Instead he just says, "This guy's going to die and he won't get another [liver]." Way to worry about your single-mother friend, Carter. "They could pull my license," Elizabeth insists. "Not likely, it's in their best interests," Carter says. I wish Carter would do something like this and then have a cop arrest the shit out of him for it. That'll teach him to treat the law like it's his floorboards. God, I sound so militant. But seriously, he's not the one performing the operation, so he should stop being so uppity about it all. Elizabeth notes that she could go to jail. Carter shrugs that legislation has already been passed legalizing this, but that it just hasn't been signed yet. Nice try, Carter. He rattles off all the reasons why this is the best idea he's ever had in a long list of brainwaves, the likes of which the family-free GSW Guy will never get again, leaving nobody to sue the hospital on his behalf. Lovely. "How do you think Weaver's going to react?" Elizabeth asks. Carter hedges. "She'll have a bloody conniption fit," snickers Elizabeth, and Carter cracks a smile. "That's almost worth the risk," Lizzie says wistfully. Then: "Screw it. Screw it! Prep him. I'll mobilize the team." Carter blows her a kiss. Ugh. I'm all for helping people and all that, but...really? If her license gets pulled or she goes to jail, what happens to Ella? Is this really worth it for her, just for the sake of maybe upsetting Weaver? Hate. HATE.

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