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Try Carter

Anyway: Sam scolds Alex for using bad language, although of course Alex and Luka both play dumb and coyly suggest that perhaps what Sam heard was part of the videogame they're playing. "I don't want to hear that talk out of you," she says to Alex. Then she tweaks Luka's ear lovingly and says, "Or you," before flopping down on the couch contentedly. "How was the game?" she asks. "We lost," Alex says. "But he played well," Luka attempts. Sam tries to get Alex to leave, but he wants to keep playing. "No, or I'm going to fall asleep here on this couch," she yawns. Luka, never one to choose a moment wisely, turns full around and suggests that Sam and Alex stay the night. "Actually you can stay as long as you'd like," he says. Sam, thorugh gritted teeth, points out that perhaps she would like to talk to Alex about that first. "Talk about what?" Alex says, his ears pricking up when he hears something that concerns him. "Talk about you getting your butt in gear," she teases. They leave, but Sam sneaks back for a gentle kiss before departing. Luka smiles, but looks a bit lonely.

Carter is looking for Ray. "Try the roof," Chuny says. "I think he lives there." Frank corrects that Ray lives in the call room and merely cooks on the roof. How has no one noticed before now that he showers at the hospital? Oh, wait, right, they don't notice because he hasn't existed on-camera very much yet.

Upstairs on the roof, we hear the strains of a guitar (does he have an amp plugged in up there? Whatever) before we come upon Ray playing it. Brats are cooking on a charcoal grill. "What are you doing?" Carter asks. "You look all moved in up here." Ray says glibly that the rent's right and you can't beat the view. "While you're up here having a cookout, your patient has been circling the drain," Carter observes. "He's a DNR -- his daughter's bringing the paperwork from Milwaukee," Ray replies. Then he offers Carter a beer, which Carter refuses. He wanders over to the ledge and rests his hands on it, looking out at the city. "I heard about your son," Ray says. "I'm sorry." Carter thanks him without turning around. "So, you aren't really living in the hospital, are you?" he then asks Ray. Oh, please can he adopt Ray as his lost son. "Why, would that be a problem?" Ray asks. It's probably akin to squatting, but then again, this is Carter, and he doesn't care much for laws. "It might be for Weaver," Carter jokes. "She has it sprayed for interns." Ray smiles, then points out some fireworks. As Carter stares out at them, Ray starts playing the national anthem on his guitar. We push in on Carter and then fade to black on this very curious and kind of crappy episode ending.

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