Under Control

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Under Control

In the hall, Carol tells Mark that the labs are back for trauma two, and that the tox screen is positive for amphetamines. Mark reads the results and moans, "Oh, man....It's a baby." Horrified, Carol asks, "Someone killed their [sic] baby with amphetamines?" They stop in front of the doors to trauma two, where Pilar is still sitting on the bed, cradling Estrella in her arms. Ouch. Mark and Carol enter the room (why is she there? She didn't have anything to do with this case! Where's Chuny? ["Chuny doesn't have kids and thus isn't allowed to wield the Parallel-Plot Sledgehammer the way Carol is." -- Sars]) and Mark tells Pilar about the tox screen. Pilar chokes, "My baby died from drugs?" Mark nods, and asks whether she knows anyone who might have given Estrella anything. Pilar emphatically says that no one has drugs at home. Carol asks if Pilar has any friends or relatives who use drugs. Pilar looks down. Mark and Carol look at each other, and Mark asks Pilar what she's thinking. Pilar hesitates, then says, "I work two jobs. Sometimes I get so tired I take something to stay awake, but I never bring drugs...home." Carol asks if she's nursing the baby, and Pilar sobs, and nods. Mark explains that the drugs were transmitted to Estrella through Pilar's breast milk. Carol shakes her head in a way that eloquently communicates her thoughts -- "Stupid bitch!" -- without her having to go to the trouble of delivering her judgment aloud. Pilar moans, "I love my baby! I would never hurt her! God forgive me, I would never hurt her! I didn't know! I really didn't know!" Carol's usual judgmental expression doesn't change; Mark, at least, has the grace to look sorry.

Elizabeth is out of trauma and on the phone, leaving a message for Mama Corday that she won't be able to see her, so MC should page her when she gets the message. Yosh, overhearing, tells Elizabeth that he forgot to give her a message she had received: MC took an earlier flight. Ooh, burn. She mulls this for a moment, but is distracted by the sight of a grim-looking Mark walking past. She asks him if he's all right, and he says he is, and asks if she's still taking care of non-Robert. She says she is, they briefly kvetch about their respective parents, and take off in opposite directions.

At the desk, Frank is ordering tests on various patients listed on the board; Chuny cheerfully inputs orders into the computer. Mark asks her how it's going, and Frank pipes up, "Don't worry, doc; I'm moving the meat, man." Hee hee! If this is their way of introducing Frank as a permanent member of the team, I am all for it. I mean, I like Yosh and all, but damn. Lisa comes up to the desk and mildly bitches Chuny out for not giving Kim enough (in her opinion) morphine. Chuny tells her Kim was asleep the last time she checked him, and Lisa tersely tells her to check more often: "I don't want him in any pain." The ambulance bay doors open and two paramedics bring Holling in on a gurney; he called 911, short of breath. Mark asks why Holling didn't call him, and Holling growls, "There's nothing you could have done over the phone." Apparently he'd started feeling these symptoms a couple of days ago.

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