Under Control

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Under Control

In the trauma room, Holling tells Mark it's probably nothing more than a chest cold. Holling gets himself onto the trauma room bed, and grumbles that if he knew he'd be causing such a fuss, he'd have seen the doctor on Monday. Mark patiently tells him to be quiet so that Mark can listen to his breathing. I will take this moment to say that, I like Holling -- I do -- but his bare chest is not quite as attractive to me as, say, Frank's. I'm just sayin'. Mark says that Holling seems to have fluid in his lungs, halfway up, and asks, "Why did you wait so long?" Holling growls, "Don't scold me!" Elizabeth strides in and asks what's wrong, and Mark replies, "Huge pleural effusion. Needs a thoracentesis." Holling looks like, if he had the strength, he'd hop right off the bed and box both their ears, but he doesn't, so he just gets increasingly crotchety. Elizabeth looks alarmed at the diagnosis, and Holling grouses, "He wants to stick a needle in my chest. You're a surgeon -- I think you should do it." Elizabeth glares at Mark for a moment -- apparently realizing that he'd lied to her about Holling's condition -- and then diplomatically tells Holling that she doesn't think that's a good idea. Holling says that Mark doesn't think a doctor should treat his own family, and Mark assures him that he's done this procedure "a hundred times." Holling declares, "I want Elizabeth to be my doctor," and Mark yells, "Fine!" and passive-aggresses himself straight out into the hall.

Lydia runs up to Mark outside Holling's trauma room and tells him, "The lizard guy's crashing." Mark runs up to his bed and determines that "it's gila venom," and makes with the orders. Suddenly Frank's there, assisting.(like Visa, he's everywhere you want to be), and while he's working, he says he smells smoke. Lily says that's her hernia patient, and Mark instructs her to go tell him to knock it off. Haleh comes in to tell Mark that a bad cocaine overdose has just rolled in, so Mark leaves to treat her. When he gets to the OD's bed, Hernia Guy angrily gestures with his cigarette that he's been waiting for five hours. Mark tells him to get lost and leans over the OD patient, calling out order. Randi runs up to tell him that a psych patient on the third floor getting ready to jump. He tells her to clear a trauma room, and Frank says, "I'm on it." Damn, no wonder this guy collapsed! Chen strolls up to tell him that the son of her stroke patient wants to talk to an attending, and before he can answer, Lydia appears to ask if Mark wants a foley on Lizard Guy. A skillet flies through my office window and narrowly misses my head; taped to it is a note reading, "Mark Is Stressed!" Sure enough, Mark yells, "Why are you asking me? Just do it!" Haleh says she can't get an IV, and asks Mark to put in a central line. Mark protests that the patient has good veins, and that Haleh should be able to get the IV in, and Chen -- who apparently has never heard of the practice of "taking a message" -- leans in and asks Mark, "How about my stroke patient?" Right on schedule, Mark loses it: "Can't you see that I've got two critical patients here? Why can't you just deal with it?" Chen makes a totally unwarranted "whatever" face. From the desk, Randi calls, "The guy just jumped!" Mark looks like he would like to join him. (Do it!)

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