Under Control

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Under Control

Lisa gloves up in pathology. The pathologist explains that the patient donated his body to the medical school for use in an anatomy class, but that very often, the hospital keeps fresh cadavers for students to practice procedure. The pathologist pulls back the sheet to reveal that the corpse -- obviously -- is Kim's. Lisa gazes at his face, and then takes the pathologist's instruction with regard to putting in a central line. Lisa makes with the needle, but stops before actually puncturing his skin, and nervously laughs, "I'm sorry, I don't think I can do this." The pathologist says, "You're doing fine," and Lisa explains, "He was my patient." The pathologist blinks, and says, "You want to stop?" Lisa takes a deep breath, and tries again. Good for Lisa.

Carter goes through his paperwork at a desk in the hall. Weaver approaches him and brightly says, "Crazy day, huh?" He nods. She asks if he's still in a lot of pain. "It's not too bad," he lies. She says it seemed like he was having a hard time getting around in trauma, and that the first day back can be rough. He says that it gets a little easier every day. She asks if he's talked to anybody "about what happened," and he nods diffidently in a way that says, "No." "And your family's been supportive?" "You know, really, Dr. Weaver, I'm okay," Carter evades. She suggests that he might "benefit from a tens unit, or from acupuncture," and he dismissively thanks her, and says he'll let her know. She takes the hint, and leaves him alone.

In his coat, Mark walks up to the desk, where Elizabeth is on hold. Off-screen, Holling calls, "I can take a cab if you have something else planned." Mark tells him not to be "ridiculous," and says they're going home. Mark and Elizabeth exchange an utterly chemistry-free meaningful look, say "goodnight" to each other, and he walks over to Holling, observing that Holling's shoes are untied. Holling says that he can't bend over "after that needle thing," so, in an oddly disarming gesture, Mark squats on the floor and ties his father's shoes for him. Elizabeth watches him do it, and seems to tear up a little.

Benton and Cleo "3P0" Finch play pool and then make out. Whatever.

Carter watches as someone stirs a saucepan. Then we hear her voice: "If I'd known you were coming, we'd have served a late dinner." Yay, it's Gamma! Carter says, "Soup's fine." "You're looking well, John," she lies. He thanks her, and says that he started back to work today. She asks if he shouldn't have given himself a little more time off, and he answers her with his mantra: "I did okay." He chews something, and looks like he's about to cry, and admits, "Actually, it was kind of tough. I didn't know if I was going to make it through the day. I felt -- I don't know -- afraid." She sits next to him and asks, "Afraid of what?" He says he was afraid he couldn't handle it, and she remarks, "But you did." He eats soup. She says, "I know we've had our disagreements about your career, but I can see now that medicine is what you love." He looks at her, then looks away. She reminds him that, when he was in high school, he used to stop by, and she'd make cocoa, and they'd talk. Carter wipes his mouth and, smiling, says he remembers. She notes that they "haven't done this in a long time." "I know," he says. She clasps his hand.

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