Under Control

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Under Control

Mark and Holling look at slides. Holling appreciatively says, "This is a fancy machine," and that if he'd known Mark could borrow it from the hospital, he wouldn't have bothered with the old one. With each slide, Mark asks where it took place, and Holling tells him; they scroll through a trip to Santa Barbara, during which Holling taught Mark to swim underwater. Then there's a camping trip, and a shot of Holling and Mrs. Greene planting the garden. Mark recalls that they used to make him pull weeds, and Holling tells a story about Mark's wanting to plant a watermelon tree. The last shot is of a young (and kind of creepy-looking) Holling, and a very Children of the Corn-ish wee Mark. As "Bookends" plays, Holling says, "I thought this was the vacation box. Why'd your mother take this one, anyway?" Mark muses, "I guess she liked what she saw."

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