Under Control

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Under Control

Lisa works on her patient, Kim, and notes that he has a lot of fluid in his abdomen. He growls, "So the colon cancer spread?" She confirms that it has. He says his doctors had told him that might happen if he didn't respond to "the chemo." Still feeling around, she suggests they tap his belly, and he winces and says, "It's pretty tender." Going for "cheery," she chirps, "Can I interest you in some morphine?" Dr. Dave, working on the nosebleed patient behind Lisa, practically falls over from eavesdropping so intently. Kim says, "Really? Last time they wouldn't give me anything until my labs came back and I saw a surgeon." Lisa opines, "Nobody should sit around in pain." At this, Dr. Dave sidles over and appreciatively says, "I see you've been paying attention on rounds." She thanks Dr. Dave and takes off to get Kim some morphine, just as Chen comes in to attend to Cute Frank the ICU Nurse. He's sitting in bed, using the table to make up "the April nursing schedule." She tells him that he should be "on the monitor," and he insists that he's fine, but she insists that he doesn't have a choice, so he obliges her by sitting back in bed, and obliges me by taking off his shirt. Hel-lo, nurse! Chen reads his blood pressure from his chart, and glances up in the middle to be caught off-guard by the sight of his naked, sexy torso, but manages to get both numbers out with her professionalism mostly intact. Frank tells her ninety over sixty is a normal blood pressure for him: "You know, all those years of triathlons and stuff like that." Chen primly informs him that they still have to monitor him. Frank says he knows why he fainted; he ran twelve miles to work, and skipped both breakfast and lunch. Damn. Dr. Dave, observing Chen's ministrations to her totally hot patient, makes this weird frog face. Chen offers to get Frank something to eat from the cafeteria, but he declines, saying he never eats there. Chen stares at Frank's bare chest some more, and, to cover, asks what's on his chain. He says it's a Roman coin, and that he found it "while [he] was diving in the Mediterranean." Dr. Dave scoffs to himself. Chen, overcome by the proximity of such a fine example of masculinity, fumbles with the leads on the monitor, and Frank offers to help her with them. She giggles. Her professionalism gets up and goes out to the ambulance bay for a smoke. Dr. Dave asks Chen if she needs any help, and she quickly tells him she's got it under control. Dr. Dave, it's not like you ever had a shot, so just get over yourself.

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