Under Control

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Under Control

At the desk, Mark's back on the phone with Holling, explaining why Holling can't go to Schaumburg to get a part for the slide projector. Elizabeth, standing nearby, deduces that they're "having a difference of opinion," and Mark bluntly corrects her: "He is driving me crazy." Elizabeth says that her mother is behaving unpredictably too, and that it was only when she was packing to leave that she "wants to be a parent." Mark ignores her and complains that Holling "won't listen; he won't even discuss treatment options." Elizabeth's face falls and she asks, "For what?" "His emphysema," Mark lies. Elizabeth asks if it's worse, and Mark says he thinks it is. Just then there's a commotion at the ambulance bay, and a couple of paramedics bring in a patient with fifteen minutes of chest pain, and a history of angina. Mark tells Randi to get the patient on a monitored bed, and Randi curtly informs him that they're full. Elizabeth suggests that they "close to criticals," but Mark insists that they can handle it. Going to the board, he shuffles a couple of patients and then tells the paramedics where to stick the patient. (No, not there.) Then he goes to get a refill on his coffee. Because that's important.

Mark heads into the lounge, where Carol has evidently just finished expressing the milk of human kindness from her boundless bosom. She puts two bottles into the fridge in time for Lily to call her back to Adam....

...who is seizing. Carol appears and Adam stabilizes, then crashes again. Whilst in the process of working on him, Carter's face contorts with pain, the precise cause of which isn't clear. Carol anxiously asks him if he's okay, and offers to go get Mark, but Carter toughs it out, saying he can handle it, and sends Conni to arrange for dialysis.

In the adjacent trauma room, Mark, Elizabeth, Lisa, Lily, and assorted paramedics are attending to the victim of a gunshot wound. A cop who accompanied the patient theorizes that the shot was the result of "a drug deal gone bad." Elizabeth orders a head CT, but Mark tells her not to bother since "there's grey matter everywhere." It's funny he should say that, since that's why my revisited breakfast looks like, too. Thanks, ER! Elizabeth orders measures that will keep the body alive, saying, "We've got an organ donor here." Lisa puts in a central line, apparently for the first time; Mark talks her through it. She's up against the bone, so Mark tells her to take the needle out and re-position it. Elizabeth, quietly and urgently, reminds Mark that they need the line in now, and Mark gently replies, "Give her a chance; this guy's brain-dead." Lisa shakes her head and says she's not getting a flash. Elizabeth says they're not "perfusing his organs," and kindly apologizes to Lisa and tells her she'll have to do it. Mark exhales passive-aggressively, but doesn't say anything. Lisa steps aside, catches Mark's eye and holds her hands out at her sides as if to say, "I'm sorry, but, come on!" Mark nods. Elizabeth is oblivious to this exchange. Lily has found the patient's driver's license; he's eighteen-year-old Robert Jackson, from Naperville. Hey, that's where Bob Odenkirk is from! Lily hands the cop the driver's license, and Elizabeth tells the room at large to find Robert's parents so that they can give consent for the hospital to harvest his organs. Elizabeth successfully gets the line in.

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