Under Control

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Under Control

As we come back from the break, Carter is crutching along and telling Mark what he's doing with Adam. Mark tells Carter to keep him posted, and then goes into Robert Jackson's trauma room, where Elizabeth, Lily, and a couple of other random nurses are working to get his pressure up. Mark tightly tells her that "if it's brain-stem failure, [she doesn't] have much time." Elizabeth testily says that she knows, and that it's for that reason that she needs to get him to the OR. She asks if anyone's found Robert's parents, and the cop says the driver's license is a fake. Elizabeth suggests that he might have been reported missing, and the cop says that they've scanned his photo and sent it out, but that, so far, nothing's come back. Elizabeth tells him to keep trying, since they really need the kid's parents' consent. The cop nods, and takes off. Lily says that the pressure's up to ninety. Mark tells Elizabeth that, "even with consent, it could take hours to line up the procurement teams," and implores her to "be realistic." Having apparently already weighed the pros and cons, she points out, "I could save five lives with his organs." "Or he could arrest first," Mark reminds her. "I won't let that happen," she declares. He glares at her. Mark, I really have to side with Elizabeth, here. Kids (who are of legal age): Sign your organ donor cards! Your organs won't do you any good after you're dead, or brain-dead, so you might as well make them available to the living.

Carol's back on the phone telling her nanny how to...well, nanny. Where did she find this idiot -- a street corner? Anyway, Carter calls her over, so she hangs up and goes over to Adam's bed, where dialysis is about to commence. Carol reaches across the bed to hand Carter something, and he winces in pain and grabs the railing of the bed to steady himself. She quickly apologizes and says she shouldn't have made him reach, and he he thinks he's contaminated his gloves. The dialysis nurse -- Dori -- asks if Dr. Krupp (presumably the pissant-y specialist) is using zitrate (sp?). Carter and Carol exchange a look (because that's not suspicious), and Carter curtly says, "No." Dori says that Dr. K. usually uses heparin, and that she had better page him, and, on her way out, asks when he said to check ACT. Carter says that the nurse should check it "thirty minutes into the run." Carol sets her jaw and turns away, and Dori says that she'll check that too, because Dr. K. is very particular about his orders. Carol wearily stops her and explains that "these aren't his orders." Dori angrily says that she won't do this without his orders. Carol tells Dori to look at Adam's monitors and see that what they're doing is helping him, and Dori replies, "I'm going to lose my job! " Carter says, "We're saving his life!" "No. We're stopping," says Dori. Carter offers to take full responsibility for what they're doing (like, duh). Just then Mark comes in and asks what the problem is. Carter quietly reminds him that he told Mark what they were doing, and Dori spits, "Did he tell you nephrology refused to sign off?" Carol tells Mark that it's working, and that Mark should let them finish, but Mark is having none of it and tells Carter to crutch out. Okay, he said "step out," really. Dori looks very smug. Mark tells Carol to monitor Adam's vitals and keep the dialysis going, and assures Dori that he'll talk to the renal service.

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