Under Control

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Under Control

Mark flies out into the hall to put a hurting on Carter: "You have a problem with another department, you come to me." Carter says that the patient is improving, and Mark says that's great, but that Carter didn't give Mark the whole story: "Let me break the rules. That's what I'm here for." "I can handle this," Carter says, feebly. Mark tells Carter that it's only his first day back, and that he doesn't have to prove anything. Before Carter can answer, Chuny calls Mark away; she's accompanied by the paramedic with the excellent braids whose name I can never remember, and the paramedic is carrying a baby. Before hooking up with them, Mark tells Carter to keep him informed about everything they're doing to Adam.

Braids hands Mark the baby and tells him she's six months old, with fever and vomiting, now lethargic after a seizure, and that they couldn't get a line. Mark asks where Finch is, and Chuny tells him it's her day off. Mark asks the baby's mother whether she's ever had seizures before, and she says no: "She's a very good baby." Uh. So babies who do have seizures are bad babies? I know she's under stress, but that was a very strange remark. Anyway, the vomiting started after she woke up from her nap. Mark says that Estrella (for that is the baby's name) looks dehydrated and calls orders to Chuny. They set her down on the bed and immediately a machine starts beeping, and Chuny says Estrella is "tachy at one-sixty." Mark orders a bunch more tests. Mrs. Estrella asks, in Spanish, what's happening, and Chuny answers in Spanish, but since I can't speak Spanish, I don't know what they said, so I'll guess:

Mrs. E.: Who is this enormous penis and what is he doing to my daughter?
Chuny: I could tell you some stories about that giant penis, but I won't. The cute pediatrician went away, so you're stuck with this knob. Sorry.

Mark pulls out a needle and Mrs. E. asks what he's doing with it. Mark explains that he needs to get fluid into Estrella's bones to rehydrate her (ew) and Mrs. E. quietly begs, "Please don't hurt her." Mark asks Chuny to take Mrs. E. to chairs and bring her back after Estrella's spinal tap. Mrs. E. objects and cries and Chuny hustles her out. Then they show Mark giving a spinal tap to a small, soft-looking square of baby skin. THAT'S NOT RIGHT.

Frank has his shirt off again. Yay! He's hooked up to a machine, from which he determines that he's still in "normal sinus rhythm." He asks Chen how much longer he has to stay in bed, and Chen says he'll have to wait until she gets his electrolytes back. He asks what his patients are supposed to do, and she says she called his unit and told them he was taking a sick day, so they called in a replacement for him. He grins and says, "Well, then, I guess I'm your prisoner." Chen gives him a look like, "You're damn right. Now, where did I leave those handcuffs?" Lisa, standing behind her, asks whether Chen has seen Mark, who was supposed to help her with Kim's paracentesis. Chen says he's in trauma, but that she can help her. Lisa introduces Chen to Kim, and then runs through what she's already done to prepare. Chen says it's fine. Lisa asks what tests she should order, and Frank answers instead. Chen smirks and thanks him. Lisa says, "There's your fluid," and they watch as it drains into a jar. Chen says it looks like Lisa has "good flow," and leaves, telling Lisa to call her if she needs anything. Lisa turns to Kim and says, "That wasn't so bad." Kim, who's started wriggling in pain, says, "Actually, it's starting to hurt." Lisa offers to re-adjust Kim's catheter, but when she touches it, Kim yelps, "Hey!" Frank, leaning out of his bed, says, "Uh oh. If I were you I'd order an upright chest film, stat." Lisa looks alarmed.

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