Under Control

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Under Control

In a trauma room, Mark has lost Estrella's pulse. They start compressions. Chuny asks what the problem is, and Mark says it could be septic shock, or meningitis. He's in the process of shocking Estrella with little wee paddles when Carter appears at the door. He offers to come back later, but because Mark is passive-aggressive, he does not take Carter up on the offer, but rather, asks him, testily, what he wants. Carter says that Adam is doing better, but that he could still use (in Carter's opinion) more dialysis. Mark tells him to give Adam another half-hour of dialysis. Mark, pay more attention to the teeny baby you're shocking!

Frank is sitting at the desk, working on a computer, wearing his gown. Dr. Dave, eating something out of a bedpan (possibly shit, given the grin we've all seen him sport from time to time), tells Frank that patients aren't allowed behind the desk, but Randi tells Dr. Dave that since Frank is a nurse, she gave him permission. Dr. Dave reluctantly relents. Chen finds Frank there and fondly chastises him for being out of bed. Frank says that some of his labs were back. Dr. Dave tells Chen that her "patient has low sodium." Frank attributes that result to four litres of water he drank after his workout. Chen hustles Frank back to bed until the rest of his tests are back; he comments, over his shoulder, "I think she wants to keep me here." Dude, who wouldn't? Dr. Dave continues picking at his meal and says, "That guy's a piece of work, huh?" Randi replies, "And you're not?" Dr. Dave asks what that's supposed to mean, and she points out the fact that he's eating Cap'n Crunch for dinner, out of what she calls "an emesis basin." Carol tears into the doorway and asks Randi whether her nanny called again. Randi says she didn't, which frees Carol up to observe what Dr. Dave is eating, and from what he's eating it. Dr. Dave explains that there was nothing in the lounge but a box of cereal and (wait for it) "a jar of milk." Realization floods over Carol's face and she snarls, "A jar of milk?" He says, "What?" and she snorts, "Oh, God, Malucci!" Note for the slow: Dr. Dave has been eating Cap'n Crunch moistened with her breast milk. Hey, if the glands that produce lactation are as big as Carol's heart, she should have no problem coming up with more.

Estrella is still crashing. And suddenly Yosh is there, to deliver all the lines he won't have in this episode. Lily comes to the door to tell Mark that the brain-dead patient -- the non-Robert Jackson -- is crashing, so Mark goes in to take care of him.

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