Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man

Felix's toxicology tests came back negative, which confounds Carter. Gallant gingerly points out that Quinine, an anti-Malaria drug, is readily available to servicemen and might not show up in the hospital's tox screen. Pratt listens with interest, because again, he's there. Still trying to scare up some action. I think he's in love with Gallant. Carter observes that Felix would've had to ingest an awful lot of Quinine to have such a negative reaction. "I know," Gallant answers quietly, grimly. Carter seems to digest the implication that it was deliberate. Pratt offers to talk to Felix, which is a splendid idea given what a complete pricky doofus he is. Carter senses that this is personal for Gallant, and orders Pratt to let Gallant handle it. Pratt looks put-out, then quickly covers. "Give it your best shot, Mikey," he says, the picture of jocularity. He laughs. But he only laughs because he loves.

Ho Mommy leans alluringly against the wall, chatting up Luka. He's enjoying it. He's basking in a blaze of post-coital glory. Ho Mommy suggests that he come visit her in Milwaukee. "I hear they have good beer," Luka grins. "You're very informed about U.S. regional consumables," Ho Mommy actually says. No, she really does. Isn't that hot? There's nothing like agriculture to inspire the inner erotic in all of us. Susan catches sight of this hopeless display of hormones and pulls Luka aside under the auspice of being concerned about Marlene's labs. She wants to discharge the girl, since she's been there for four hours with a simple UTI. Luka yammers about reflux. I don't know. He's concerned about Marlene, and also wants to complete another vaginal examination on Ho Mommy. Susan completely cottons onto this, too, and calls him on it. "Her work-up isn't finished," Luka insists. "Her mother's is," Susan states. "And unless you have additional stamina, there's not further reason to keep them here." Luka argues that Marlene's at risk of renal trouble and he needs her there until the results come back. Susan finally gets down to brass tacks: she doesn't want him boffing the customers. Luka hangs his head a little, but bites his lip endearingly, suggesting that while he's aware he's in the wrong, he's not in a hurry to permanently correct his antics either. Susan strongly urges him to get the labs, write a prescription, and put this behind them.

Pratt overhears all this. All he does in this episode is horn in on other people's action while in search of his own. Pratt? This action doesn't need to be horned, okay? Go tip a cow and leave us be. Luka then gets the labs back on Marlene; she's officially got kidney trouble. Luka stares into her room, where Ho Mommy and Marlene are giggling and talking, and looks sad at the loss of young life and the probable loss of a sure lay.

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