Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man

Abby runs into Carter; he actively ignores her, because he's twelve. She trots to keep up with him and asks how late he's working. "I have to stick around for the shift change," he says distractedly. They're in the drug lock-up now. "I can hang around," Abby offers. "How does 'a couple burgers, some shakes, and maybe see if you get lucky' sound?" she smiles. "I haven't had an offer that good since eighth grade," Carter breathes, not smiling but at least deigning to talk to his girlfriend now. "Yeah, but I'm treating. Thirteen-year-old girls never treat," Abby points out. "In boarding school, they do," Carter replies. Abby, feeling confident, flirts that Carter should make her a counter-offer. His face turns cold and he changes the subject back to work and flees, because again, he's kind of juvenile and he's probably preoccupied with all the downy hair appearing on his body.

"Is this 'backing off'? Because I prefer 'butting in,'" Abby says, chasing him. "I took care of that this morning," Carter snaps. "I think I blew your cover." Abby swears she doesn't care about that; she just wants the two of them to clear the air. "I think it's pretty clear," he snarls. As they reach Reception, Mona the triage nurse hands Abby her time-sheet. "Why are you giving me that?" Abby sighs, exasperated. "You're the nurse manager," Mona says boredly. "No," Abby avers. "I'm not." Jerry sidles up to her and corrects her by handing her a memo from Weaver. Abby snatches it and reads it. "Weren't you supposed to see her today?" Carter asks. "Yeah, I kind of dodged that," Abby mutters. "Funny how that happens," Carter sasses rudely. Abby crumples up the memo and spits, "I had rounds." Jerry watches all this pleasantly, enjoying that it's not his life. "You kids fighting?" he asks. "Shut up, Jerry," Carter says. Jerry encourages Carter to talk to Abby, which is met with a stony glare. "I'm just trying to navigate love's wavy waters," waxes Jerry. Carter grabs the origami swan and bites its head off, because maybe, just maybe, that Ozzy Osbourne was onto something. Jerry whimpers that he's not sure what they have against paper today, but it's nasty, and he cradles his decapitated paper swan with adorable disappointment.

Gallant appears and notices security guards floating around. Jerry exposits that they have a suicidal guy they need to take to a locked Psych ward. Nervous and cold, Gallant asks for the chart and freezes when he sees the name there: Felix. "Where's Pratt?" he snarls.

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