Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man

Seeking Pratt, Gallant runs away past Chuny, who's treating a hurling man. Of course she is. There always has to be a hurling man.

"Did you redo the Hernandez chart?" Gallant seethes at Pratt. "Because I marked it 'accidental.'" Pratt doesn't care, because he knows in his prat gut that Felix was trying to off himself. "Look, that was not your call to make," Gallant says, trying not to shout. "What's yo' problem, brotha-man?" Pratt says. Oh, shut UP, Pratt, for Jeebus's sake. "I'm trying to watch your back!" Gallant hisses that he's got plenty of actual brother, so he doesn't need a fake jackass brother in the mix. "You don't need a malpractice suit, either," Pratt says airily. Gallant starts to snap. "Why are you always riding me?" he bellows. Pratt claims that Gallant never sticks up for himself and wasn't forceful enough with Kayson. "Look, okay, you know what? I do things the way I do things," Gallant levels with him. "You and me, we're different." Pratt insists they're not, and that they're just two misfit toys trying to fit in with the rest of the Christmas swag. "The only difference is, I'm doing it by being a man," Pratt says, trying his best to drip testosterone and coming off merely as an oily tick.

Abby screams that Chem is in trouble. Carter, Gallant, and Pratt all rush to her; she's collapsed in the hallway. They load her onto a gurney while Gallant begs her to wake up for him. "She looks white," Pratt says. She is white, Pratt. Carter yells for a crash cart and starts administering mouth-to-mouth, which makes me sad for Chem, because really, a little lip action is probably most of what she was after, and now she's too unconscious and dying to enjoy it. Gallant exposits that she's got unstable angina. "Shouldn't she have been on a monitor?" Abby asks. Gallant glares at Carter, but says nothing. All frantic attempts to revive Chem fail; Abby fights to make Carter hear her suggestion that they move Chem into an actual room. Carter of course pretends not to hear her, until it becomes apparent that their patient is dying IN A HALLWAY in a busy hospital, and he's being all Petty McChildish. He sends Jerry to page Kayson, and they wheel Chem into Trauma Green. Gallant looks crushed.

Inside, Gallant compresses Chem's chest, but her heart won't beat. The paddles aren't working. Pushing drugs isn't working. Gallant notices that Chem's breath sounds are decreasing on the right side. "You put the tube in too far," he complains. Pratt claims that he put it exactly as far in as it was supposed to go. Oh, get a room, boys. They banter and bicker and Carter makes Pratt pull out by two millimeters, and the sexual tension palpable enough that Chem would be lighting a cigarette right now, if she wasn't knocking on Heaven's door.

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