Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man

Outside Trauma Green, Gallant is leaning against a wall, white-knuckling a metal bar. Pratt is patting him on the back and complimenting him on being a man, and how what he just did is what a man would do, and could he please manhandle him. Seriously, it looks like Pratt wants to turn him around and plant a testosterone-flavored kiss of manly manhood on him. When did this show become Smallville? Gallant spins around and storms away, Pratt chasing him like a jilted lover. Gallant turns around and grabs him. From the Trauma room, Abby and Co. yell for Gallant to stop. But does he? Why, no. In a whirlwind of pent-up anger, Gallant hauls off and socks Pratt in the eye. "Do not call me 'Mikey,'" he growls threateningly. Pratt collapses to the floor, holds his eye, and looks after Gallant with a mixture of irritation, awe, and horniness. We fade to black wondering if we're going to get a bisexual love triangle with Pratt, Chen, and Gallant.

Pratt ices his eye and mutters that at least he knows how to take a punch. "So that's what you were doing on the floor," sasses Carter. "You should see the other guy." They peer through a window, where Gallant is sitting, staring at the floor, engaging in a right royal pout. Pratt wants to talk to him, but Carter tells him to wait. For once, Pratt listens.

Weaver orders Susan to get the nursing schedules together for Abby to peruse. "I was a hall monitor for a day in fifth grade, and they fired me for selling passes to the other kids," Abby whines, trying to back out of the promotion. Weaver won't hear it. Can you force someone into a promotion? Weaver basically tells Abby that she needs to suck it up, because she's nurse manager, and there's no way around it because the Iron Cane of Justice isn't afraid to lay down the smack on her whiny ass. Weaver throws out that there's a raise; Abby finally picks up on this and says, "How much?" Weaver thinks. "I'll get back to you," she says.

Susan interrupts and points out that Romano has sent Weaver a gift. This gift is stunning. It's a phallic, prickly cactus. Well played, old man. Weaver eyes it with disgust, reads the card reluctantly, and throws it away. Susan snorts. "What'd it say?" Abby whispers. "'Your fifteen minutes are up,'" Susan repeats. Everyone chortles.

Gallant stares at Chem's dead body, lying pasty and still on the gurney in Trauma Green. Carter enters quietly. "Hey," he says gently. "Pratt wants you to hit him on the other side of his face [to] kind of even it out." Gallant doesn't crack a smile. "Kayson knows what happened here today," Carter promises. Gallant won't be consoled. "He was right. I backed down," Gallant says ruefully. Carter insists that's not the way he saw things. "I always back down," laments Gallant. "We're supposed to be saving people's lives, and sometimes it seems like we end up fighting with each other. I should've fought for her." Carter offers that he could've tried harder with Kayson, but he didn't; he's trying to shoulder the grief burden. Gallant says no -- Chem was his patient, his responsibility, and his battle to win. "She'd be alive now if I wasn't so scared about being wrong," Gallant says. "Everybody get scared," Carter says. "Not Pratt," Gallant refutes. Oh, lordy. Let's not have Gallant start seeing Pratt's good side, because frankly, that's assier than a donkey with elephantitis of the buttocks. Carter laughs emptily that of course Pratt gets scared -- he just covers it by acting cocky. "Everybody that comes in here does [get scared], but you learn to work through it," Carter assures him. "When does that happen?" Gallant whispers. "As soon as you've killed a patient," Carter replies quietly. They nod. The scene is devoid of music. "Well, I just did," Gallant says, as if he's only now saying it out loud for the first time. Carter shakes his head. "No, you didn't," he repeats. "Maybe you won't have to." Gallant stares at Chem, who remains very dead. Carter leaves his protégé to deal with the deadness.

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