Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man

At Reception, Pratt cracks that Weaver should watch out for the paparazzi. She glares at him, then grabs Gallant and asks if it's true that he had an altercation in which he punched another doctor. "Dr. Pratt," Gallant clarifies. Weaver pauses. "Oh," she says. "Well, in that case, I'll overlook it." Best line of the episode. You're my bitch, Kerry! Love you. Chen laughs out loud.

Pratt follows Gallant outside and finally chokes out an apology for changing Felix's chart. "You should've stayed out of it," Gallant notes. "You were going from the gut, which I respect," Pratt allows. "But for once, I was the one thinking clearly." Gallant digests this, and nods his grudging agreement. Pratt promises to check on Felix before he leaves. "How's your face?" Gallant asks with a small smile. "Don't sweat it," Pratt smiles confidently. "I know it wasn't me you were punching. You were really punching Kayson." Gallant surveys him. "Uh, actually, no," he corrects. "It was you." Pratt is startled, but it dissolves into a grin. "Next time, I hit back," he says. "Tell Leon I said hi," Gallant fires back before leaving. Pratt watches him go, admiring the way Gallant's ass wiggles. Then, he turns to the fish tank. "All right, Daddy's back, and it's chow time," he chortles, feeding the critters. Oh boy! Pratt's a fish killer! What a relevant and interesting storyline that tells me profound things about a character while also helping me apply its lessons to my own life. This is way better than The Bible. Is Pratt the Angel of Death? Can we pretend Season Eight never happened?

Abby skulks home, fishing for her keys. It's a new apartment, this time with a little wrought-iron gate outside the steps. Carter rounds the corner looking haggard and sad. "You should have your keys already out," he says. "Never know who might be lurking." Looking ashamed of himself, he comes inside the gate. "The drinking is the drinking. You know where I stand on that," he begins. Abby stares at him silently; he gulps and proceeds. "It's far are we going to go if we're going to keep hiding from each other?" Abby swallows hard and slowly descends the steps. "I won't hide anymore," she whispers. Carter inches toward her as an El train passes by. Again with the sex/orgasm symbolism. Nice. And also trite. Carter apologizes for bolting at the El station. "It just seemed kind of complicated and I wanted a little time to figure out where we were," he explains. She comes down another step to be on his eye level. "Here we are," she says. Carter looks happy for a second, Abby matches his tentative smile, and nods her head in the direction of her front door. We fade to black well aware that, off-camera, this episode's ending exactly the way it began for Luka.

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