Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man

Finally, Carter clues into Susan's cluelessness. "I thought you knew!" he whispers. Why, is it written on the back of Abby's scrubs? Susan gapes that Abby doesn't drink "that much," so Susan never even considered the idea that Abby might be addicted. Evidently, Abby isn't spending that much time with Carter, if she's out with the ladies all the time and she's drinking. If she came home to Carter, he'd smell that on her in a half-second and withhold sex. "What's 'not that much'?" Carter presses. Susan insists that he talk to Abby instead, since this continues to be none of her business. Carter rips off his rubber gloves in a fit of pique. He'll show those rubber gloves who's boss.

Abby interrupts the moment, calling Carter's attention to a patient's file. She can't help noticing that a 500-pound gorilla is humping Carter's leg. "What's wrong?" she asks. No one speaks. "Nothing," Carter finally says, snatching the files out of her hand and running off to go walk on water somewhere. Susan lamely attempts to change the subject, but Abby's on to her. Susan exhales guiltily. "Carter assumed I was in the loop," she confesses. Abby doesn't get it. "The drinking loop," Susan clarifies, clearly uncomfortable. Abby stares at her, then averts her eyes, humiliated. "Oh," she says in a small voice. "He's concerned," Susan says, trying to defend Carter's loose lips, but sadly the ship has already sunk. Abby chases Susan through the halls, spewing desperate explanations to the effect that she didn't want Susan to feel uncomfortable around her because of the alcoholism; she just wanted them to have a fun time. Susan insists that it's absolutely not something she will discuss because it isn't her issue, which is totally right. Abby follows her into the ladies' room, because the horse has to be dead before she can beat it into oblivion. "I'm sorry he got you into it," she apologizes. Susan seems like she really wants this conversation to end. "It was an accident," she swears. "Well, it's not like it's a big secret, either," Abby says, killing the poor horse right there on the bathroom floor.

Suddenly, a needle clatters to the floor. After a painful pause, a hand snatches it back up. Abby and Susan swap confused, nosy looks. Inside the stall, we see a terrified-looking Weaver. She finally decides to suck it up and leave with her head high. She exits the stall. "Kerry," Susan says. "Susan," Kerry nods awkwardly. "Abby." Oh, good, they all know each other. Weaver looks incredibly uncomfortable, and we smash-cut into the commercials wondering what Kerry's problem is with needles today.

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