Walk Like A Man

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Walk Like A Man

Carter turns to Gallant and gently asks if he really did check the chart. Here, it's interesting -- Gallant says something that sounds like, "No, I checked the chart," but he drags a little on the "no," gives it a bit of a vowel-ish tail, and the closed-captioners transcribed it as "Noah, I checked the chart." If I hadn't been watching with the captions on, I wouldn't have noticed, I don't think; because I did, though, I watched it a few times and I honestly couldn't tell if he really flubbed and called Noah Wyle by his real name, or if it was just a badly enunciated "no." I prefer to think it's a blooper. Anyway, Gallant swears on several Bibles that he checked the histories, and that there's no record of Chem being cathed since 2000. "Maybe he cathed her before that," Pratt offers. "A lot could've changed since then," Gallant says, testily. Carter shrugs that it's moot point -- Kayson won't admit Chem, so that's that. Hey, Carter? You look lovely all bent over like that. Really. This scene drags on; basically, no one will listen to Gallant or go out of the way to help poor Chem. Abby ends the scene by calling Carter away for a chat. As an olive branch, and it's a thin one, Carter offers to let Chem hang out until her labs come back. Lovely offer.

Abby squares off with Carter. "I talked to Susan," she says bluntly. Luka interrupts to call Abby to the bed of a girl with a probable urinary tract infection, so Abby promises to be brief; Carter, however, has no interest in mature social interaction, so he toddles off to take care of an incoming trauma patient, leaving Abby in his dust.

The patient is a Latino man found in a seizure at a phone booth. Pratt is also there, offering up little Prattisms like "He's got a good DBI -- dirtball index. Big dog, lots of tattoos." Gallant isn't too impressed with this. "Oh, so he's going to be all right because he's got tattoos?" he says sarcastically, which is really a pretty sweet attempt at being harsh coming from the show's resident cuddly kid. My shoe gives me more lip. "Good guys die, bad dogs walk," growls Pratt. Shut up, Pratt. They wheel the patient into a trauma room, where Gallant notices that the man is from the military.

Elizabeth is with old addled Thomas, trying to get him to sign some paperwork. He stubbornly refuses, saying it's always Margaret's job to do that. "She can't," Elizabeth says. "That's why I need you." Thomas shakes his head. Frustrated, but oddly in a very quiet and non-shrewy way, Elizabeth is relieved when Chuny says that Margaret is waking up; they go to her, leaving Thomas behind. Elizabeth introduces herself to the kindly older woman, explaining that she was in an accident. "Is Thomas okay?" Margaret panics. Elizabeth nods and explains that Margaret suffered a spleen laceration that requires surgery, but that Thomas feels unable to sign the consent forms. Margaret's eyes widen, and she shakes her head. "Operation? I can't," she frets. Elizabeth is pretty sure she can, and should. Margaret explains that Thomas can't cope for any number of days without her because he's got Alzheimer's disease. Elizabeth is stunned, but recovers and promises that Margaret won't be incapacitated for long; if she doesn't get the surgery, she'll leave Thomas alone for good when she bleeds to death. Good point. Score one for the redhead. Margaret concedes. This concludes the latest installment of "Why Is This In The Show?: Dead-End Subplot of the Week."

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