When Night Meets Day

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When Night Meets Day

Mr. Dressler still hasn't made it up to the cath lab, and now he's in arrest. Carter is furious that no one helped him sooner, and Malik defensively tells him that the cath lab staffers weren't sitting around playing drinking darts all this time -- they were busy, and they said so. They bag Dressler.

Pratt coos at the baby while he, Susan, and Abby examine him. The kid's fine, and Pratt's grinning at him like a complete goofball. It's actually kind of cute, mostly because Rex the Wonder Preemie vacated the premises to go tapdance on Mr. Dressler's ticker, requiring that the show put a real baby in his infamous place. And the baby is google-worthy. "He's a screamer," he grins. "Wouldn't you be? Ripped from your mother's womb by some lunatic?" Susan tsks. "Hell of a way to come into the world," Abby nods. Yeah, but the kid won't remember it. Not to minimize the trauma, but seriously, the kid won't know the difference, whereas I'm pretty sure Mia will not soon forget the sensation of being given an under-the-bleachers C-section. Pratt takes over and decides to bring the baby up to Mia. Abby and Susan shoot him amused grins, so he stiffens and makes up a bogus medical reason why he should be the one to carry the little tyke up there. Pratt practically skips away singing about the wonders of life.

And speaking of life, it's seeping out of Mr. Dressler. His family arrives just in time to watch Carter struggle to revive the man. Carter spies them and asks Malik to hand over the letter. Malik's like, This man's dying and you want the what now? "He asked for a pen and paper. To write his kids," Carter demands angrily. "Didn't you give him the pen and paper?" Malik swears that Dressler never asked him for that, and as he was speaking, Carter realized he's the one who dropped that particular ball. Gritting his teeth, he throws himself into CPR.

Quietly, Elizabeth clamps off a small bleeder on Romano's stump. "Don't contaminate the field," he slurs. Elizabeth seems amused. "Robert, it's Elizabeth," she says slowly. "Lizzie," he says, groggy. "She's one hell of a surgeon. So beautiful." Elizabeth finishes what she's doing and gives us our first glance at Romano's stump, which is...stumpy. "You're taking good care of me," he drools. "I'm trying, yes," she says, entertained. Romano is still all Lizzie In the Sky With Diamonds, so he slurs, "I love you, Elizabeth," and she just sits there for a second before realizing that the way to handle this is to blame it on the crazy drugs, and then borrow some for herself. Barely missing a beat, and certainly not appearing to take it seriously -- or at least as any kind of problem or temptation -- Elizabeth calls for a fresh dressing and promises to check on him later.

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