When Night Meets Day

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When Night Meets Day

The Magoo's fire is getting into full swing as Carter leaves. He stares at it for a second, then stares back at County; possibly he realizes that for all his bitching about being understaffed, he's about to leave County majorly in the lurch -- and also would have done if he'd jetted off to Rio -- but it's clear he doesn't much care. Muffin's had a bad day.

We pan up and over to the El station, and then to the top of a speeding train; when it passes, it's daytime, and we pan around to the rubble that was Doc Magoo's. Pratt fishes around and picks up an old First Aid kit that looks oddly like a cross between a Bible and a Hell's Angel's address book. Weaver spots him in there and asks how his last shift went. He smiles that it was exciting, so she shrugs that he's always welcome to return when he's bored because they need the help. Wouldn't they have made arrangements to replace him, though? This hospital is so badly run.

Haleh runs out and yells that Pratt forgot to write Mr. Jamison his prescription. Pratt says that Chen can do it, but then gets caught up in the details of the dosage and the after-care. Pausing in his stride, Pratt stares at the ground for a second. The Music Swell Of Somebody's Just Gone Through A Major Change lifts just as Pratt's head snaps up and he says, "Let me write it." And as he plans Mr. Jamison's treatment, he says out loud that he'll still be there next week. "I thought you were going to Northwestern," Haleh says. "Nah, I guess I'm more of a Southside doc," Pratt replies glibly. Okay, what? His dream was Northwestern, he goes through one shift that has more happy endings than sad ones, and suddenly he wants to stay at the place he's repeatedly deemed a shithole? That makes no sense. And suddenly, I suspect its illogic matches that which keeps me recapping this show week to week. So as Pratt returns to the scene of this plot crime, we fade to black, rejoicing that there's only one more episode left before a really nice, long summer break. Boo-ya.

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