When Night Meets Day

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When Night Meets Day

They wheel Firefighter Bob into Trauma Yellow, where a woman and her kids stand, mouths hanging open. They're the family that was waiting to see the head heart-attack man. Pratt can't figure out why they're there; the mother says brokenly, and a little dazedly, that they were supposed to have a chance to say goodbye but the guy got wheeled away already, so they're just standing there to soak up the vibe of his last earthbound minutes. That vibe probably smells a bit like putrid copper and rubber. Pratt is affected by their plight, but he can't move into another room, so the mother quickly escorts her children out. The little boy gazes at Pratt, traumatized, and Pratt stares back. From Trauma Green, Susan screams that she's got a hypotensive gang kid who needs his help. The little boy is still frozen in his tracks. The mother drags him out just as Pratt shakes himself free of the pull of the child's...toes...and bursts through the swinging doors.

Cut to Carter bursting through the same doors. Gallant is treating a kid with a red bandanna on his head and a bullet in his shoulder. We recognize him as Turner, and Gallant recognizes the abdominal wound Turner sustained last week. "And you're out running again?" Carter asks, surprised. Turner spits that the thugs killed his brother and crippled his sister; this is the first confirmation we've had that Curtis is dead, and this is enough for recognition to dawn in Carter's eyes. Turner seems completely unfazed by the metal object that's bored a hole in his body. Apparently, that's one powerful bandanna he's wearing.

Haleh calls Carter away to help with a twelve-year old who fell off a tour boat and was found face-down in the water, so he toddles off. Chen is with the young girl, trying to revive her. She's been down for forty-five minutes. There's a weird bit where Carter frantically orders Chen to stop compressions until they've taken her temperature, because if she's too cold, it could mess her up. But then she turns out to be warm enough and he tells Chen to resume CPR. Chen gives him a funny look and seems kind of miffed, but it doesn't go anywhere. Carter looks over his shoulder at the girl's panicked father and suggests that they try a bladder irrigation. Sexy. That's what happens when I drink too many Diet Cokes in one sitting.

Whoosh. Night shift. The Non-Graphic Of Damn, We Ran Out Of Money For Graphics. Abby is dragging Pratt into the girl's room, saying with amazement that the girl started triggering the vent when they deep-suctioned her, and that just sounds all kinds of illegal, doesn't it? It seems like she's coming back. The father exposits that her name is Heather. Oh, great. I'm dying, I'm pale, I'm unconscious, I'm water-logged, I'm twelve, and Luka is not checking to see if his tongue fits into my mouth. This is not how I wanted to be immortalized on this show. "Heather, can you hear me?" Pratt asks me, squeezing my hand.

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