Where The Heart Is

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Where The Heart Is

Props to Sars, for all the usual reasons and then some, and to the MBTV L.A. crew, who I'll be seeing this weekend. I just wish they all knew how to let go and have a good time. It's sad.

Previously on ER: Weaver told Chen she was being considered for the Chief Resident job and Chen told Weaver she was pregnant; Carla told Benton that she and Roger hadn't been getting along lately; Weaver tried to make nice with Legaspi, but Legaspi was having none of it; Abby's mother Maggie went to court to contest her ninety-day psychiatric hold, and Abby freaked out in the courtroom; Luka told Abby that she knew Maggie needed her help, even if Maggie didn't want it; Abby opened the door to her apartment and Maggie was outside, looking for all the right places?

Fade up on Reese Benton with Cleo "Net Nanny" Finch at her place. They seem to be playing a board game. Peter "Torn Between Two Lovers" Benton comes in all besuited and asks Finch whether she got Reese to eat his breakfast. She says she didn't, but that he ate some strawberries. Benton huffs that Reese is supposed to eat hot cereal and she's all, whatever, fruit's just as healthy, chill. Seriously, they should always put Reese in Finch's scenes because he seems to be the only character on this show that can stimulate her latent humanity. And when they cut to his face, he looks really happy to be hanging with her, too. Benton tells Finch to make sure she tells the babysitter to feed Reese a proper lunch, and Finch says that she cancelled the sitter: "I'm off today." Benton tries to cushion the "I don't think you're good enough to take care of my son" blow by euphemistically telling her that "Reese needs a lot of attention." Finch snorts a reminder that she's a pediatrician. Benton simmers, and signs a goodbye. To Reese, Finch enthusiastically says (and signs), "Say, 'See you at the game, Daddy!'" Benton stops and says he didn't say he was going to play. Finch says he's not: "You're going to sit in the bleachers with Reese....I'm playing first base!" Benton -- for some reason rigidly upholding the terms of some fun embargo the rest of us don't know about -- bitches that Reese doesn't have a jacket at Finch's. Finch says that she'll go to Carla's and pick one up, but Benton nixes that and says he'll go. Finch insists, "I can go!" but he shuts her up with a kiss. He leaves. Finch suggests that she and Reese play with his trains. Aw.

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