White Guy, Dark Hair

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White Guy, Dark Hair

Susan walks through the curtain areas, followed by Trina, who is assessing the fake patients. Susan tries to help an actual patient and tells Malik to get rid of all the fake patients. Trina tries to treat one of the fake patients, but ends up hurting her. Susan begs Trina to get back to her gurney. Trina starts listing all the badges she's earned until Susan yells that she doesn't care. Susan walks down the hallway, then turns and yells at everyone to get out, including the drill inspector, who protests that Susan can't do that. Susan -- not knowing that all of the staff members are standing behind her -- yells that she's the chief of emergency medicine, and they don't need the drill. She concludes, "We had a helicopter crash in our ambulance bay, for God's sake. So you can take your little clipboards and your little Ranger Scouts, and hit some other sucker hospital, because my doctors and my nurses need to get back to treating real patients with real problems. You got it?" The inspectors look at each other and shrug. Susan turns and notices everyone staring at her, so she smiles and tells them to get back to work. Jerry leads the group in a round of applause.

Pratt catches Chen exiting the elevator with her father, who is on a gurney. Chen says that her father has been in the hospital with pneumonia for three weeks, but that she thinks he's better off at home. Mr. Chen starts moaning in Chinese, and Chen comforts him. Susan breezes through and tells Pratt that she dismissed the fake patients, and that they need to see real patients within fifteen minutes of signing in. Chen comments that Susan seems to take the chief thing very seriously.

Abby and Carter observe Mi-Cha, her brother, and the baby hanging out together. Abby says that she doesn't know if it was the brother's visit, or their mistaken belief that the brother was the baby's father, but Mi-Cha snapped out of her denial. Carter expositions that Mi-Cha had a boyfriend across the street. Abby says that she used her brother as cover. Carter says it was good work, and walks off. Wendall walks out and wonders why Carter didn't come into the room. Abby says it was a bit rough on him, because of what he went through last spring. Wendall hasn't heard about the BABY!

Pratt helps Chen wheel her father outside while she says that she's planning to return to work the next day. Mr. Chen gets more and more agitated and starts crying. Chen tries to comfort him while explaining that he gets confused. Mr. Chen reaches down and tears out his feeding tube, and Chen starts screaming at him in Chinese before blurting out, "Son of a bitch."

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