White Guy, Dark Hair

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White Guy, Dark Hair

Cut to Luka saying, "Son of a bitch." Tandem cursing! I approve. Louise is crashing. Sam starts compressions and uses the defibrillator, to no effect.

Pratt helps Chen to put her father in soft restraints. A nurse asks if she should register Mr. Chen first, and Chen tells her not to bother. The nurse looks at Pratt for confirmation and Chen gets all offended that her authority is being questioned. The nurse leaves, and Chen snaps on some gloves. Pratt says gently that her father should be in a nursing home. Chen says she'd never do that to him. Pratt doesn't think she should have to do this, either. Chen asks Pratt to watch her father's hand as she jams the tube into the hole in her father's stomach. I hope this whole "Chen's father is abusive and Chen is abusive back" thing pays off at some point. I appreciate that, in real life, these situations can last for years, but they keep hinting at more going on, and I'll be annoyed if it is dropped like so many other percolating storylines.

Louise is not responding to treatment. Susan walks in and gets the report from Luka, and comments that aspiration shouldn't result in cardiac arrest. Luka "theorizes" that the balloon on the crike must have burst. Susan kind of looks at him like, "What kind of crazy Croatian medicine are you practicing?" Luka says, "It happens." Sam continues treatment, to no avail. Luka tells her to hold compressions, and he calls the time of death. Sam stares off in shock, and says hoarsely that she'll clean Louise up. Everyone else exits the room. Luka says that it's a coroner's case. Sam says that when they do the autopsy, they'll see that the balloon didn't burst. Luka morosely walks over to the cabinet and takes out a syringe. He injects air into Louise's tube and says, "No. They'll see that it did." Sam looks torn between being touched that he would cover for her and worried that she put him in that position. And also upset that she basically killed Louise. Luka stomps out, passing the detective on the way. Sam closes her eyes, guilty.

Through the window, Carter watches Mi-Cha with her BABY! Wendall spots him looking, and walks up to him. Carter asks if Mi-Cha is going to keep the baby. Wendall says that she's holding him, and that they're taking it slow. Carter clears his throat and apologizes. He explains, "A few months ago, the woman that I'd been with...we lost a baby." Wendall says that she heard, and asks if he's getting help. Carter says he's working on it. By taking it out on his patients. That's the ER way! Wendall smiles and walks off.

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