White Guy, Dark Hair

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White Guy, Dark Hair

Sam prepares Louise for the morgue. Luka walks in and says he thought she'd be gone by now, and Sam explains that the morgue is backed up, as usual. Sam thought Luka was with a patient, and Luka says he's in the OR. Sam stares down at Louise's face, crying. Luka says that Sam doesn't need to clean her up. Sam knows. Luka points out that there are other nurses. Sam knows that too. Luka asks, "Sam?" Sam's face crumbles as she says that she shouldn't have done it. Luka says that Louise could have died anyway, due to the severity of her injuries. Sam repeats that she shouldn't have done it. Luka says softly that she was trying to help the patient. Sam shakes her head and says, "When I deflated that balloon, Louise was still so traumatized. He kept asking her all these questions, and the only thing she could remember was, 'White guy, dark hair.'" Luka moves over and puts a hand on Sam's back. She says, "I did what I did for 'white guy, dark hair.'" Luka pulls her into his chest and makes everything better. I wonder if this will affect their relationship. Then again, Carol and Doug did illegal things together all the time (dirty!), and they ended up together anyway. Oh, Doug. How I miss you.

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