White Guy, Dark Hair

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White Guy, Dark Hair

In Trauma Green, Carter and Shane inspect the X-rays and pronounce the neck clear. The cop wants to talk to Louise, but Carter says no. Luka and Sam enter, and Carter gives them the bullet. Sam helps another nurse to raise the head of Louise's bed. Louise tries to talk, but Sam tells her to be quiet if talking hurts. Carter is called away to deal with another patient. Shane is ready to intubate, but Luka feels Louise's face and says that they can't intubate due to her broken jaw. Louise continues trying to say something, but no one pays attention. Shane wants to crike her, but Luka tells him to observe quietly, and Shane rolls his eyes. Luka tells Louise that she has a broken jaw and broken bones in her face. Sam adds that they're going to put a tube in her neck, but that they'll sedate her first. Sam tries to use suction on Louise's mouth, but she keeps yelling, "Wait! Wait!" Sam removes the suction and Louise managed to get out, "I was raped." Another hilarious and joyous episode from the writers of ER, just in time for the holidays!

Sometimes when I'm watching the credits, I really miss that shot of Benton pumping his fist, even though I hated that shot when Eriq LaSalle was on the show.

Sam tends to a much cleaner and calmer Louise, who doesn't look anywhere near sixty years old. The cop enters, and Sam follows him out of the room. Outside, she hands him the rape kit. The cop says that the victim's full name is Louise Garvin, and that her apartment is right above the alley where she was found. Sam asks if anyone saw anything. The cop says that there were signs of struggle in the apartment, so Louise might have fallen from the fire escape while trying to get away from her attacker. Sam asks if there is any family, and the cop says they haven't found any yet. He adds that some detectives will be arriving shortly, and that they'll want to talk to Louise, Luka, and Sam. Sam asks Jerry to find her when the detectives arrive.

Susan is lecturing the interns about the long patient wait time, and they all look like they would love an excuse to skip out on this particular meeting. Neela remembers that she needs to put in some sutures and takes off. Susan starts telling them how to prevent bouncebacks, but Heleh interrupts to remind Abby about a patient, and Abby takes off. Shane spots Malik nearby and uses it as an excuse to leave on the pretense of following up on some labs. So it's just Malarkey left, and Susan seems to understand that there's no use in telling him anything.

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