White Guy, Dark Hair

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White Guy, Dark Hair

Abby greets a young patient named Mi-Cha Pak, who is complaining of belly pain. The second they showed this girl, I knew she was pregnant. Young girl. Belly pain. She's either pregnant, or has an STD, or both. I've learned some things from watching eleven seasons of this show. Mi-Cha shows Abby where her pain is, and says that it comes and goes, and that she thinks it's a kidney stone because her father had one. Malarkey wheels a gurney through and bumps Mi-Cha twice. What was the point of that? To show us, once again, that Malarkey is a screw-up? If that doesn't pay off soon, I'm going to be really annoyed. I thought we were headed somewhere last season before Romano got smushed, with the pot-smoking and the firing, but then it all got dropped. Anyway, Abby asks Mi-Cha if she's had vomiting or fever. Mi-Cha thinks she's all better, and Abby says that as long as Mi-Cha's there, they might as well take a look.

Chuny teases Sam about moving in with Luka. Another nurse thinks that Sam is lucky. Sam says that it just made sense, but that they haven't even unpacked yet. Frank thinks that living together is for wimps, and that they should get married. Malik says his girlfriend agrees. The detective interrupts the coffee klatch to ask about Louise.

Sam shows the detective to Louise's room and explains that Louise will soon be moved up to the ICU. The detective asks if Louise said anything else, and Sam explains that she can't speak because of her crike tube. In Trauma Green, Sam introduces Louise to the detective, who expresses sympathy to Louise and wants to ask some questions. He asks if she knew her rapist at all; Louise did not. Louise starts coughing, so Sam removes the crike tube to suction out some mucus. Yum! Man, that is gross. Sam replaces the tube. The detective finds out that the rapist was alone, and that Louise feels she could identify him if she saw him again. Sam stops the detective and says that's enough for now. The detective asks when Louise will be able to talk, and Sam tells him to ask Luka.

Abby continues to examine Mi-Cha, who has "a gravid abdomen." Mi-Cha cries out in pain, and Abby moves to begin a pelvic exam. She asks about Mi-Cha's last period, and Mi-Cha doesn't know when it was. Abby asks if Mi-Cha had a gush of water today, and Mi-Cha says she might have. Abby checks and discovers that Mi-Cha is fully dilated and effaced. I like that the writers seem to remember that Abby was an OB nurse before she came to the ER. Haleh offers to call OB as Abby tells Mi-Cha not to push and to pant when she has a contraction. Abby calls Chuny over to help with the gurney. Chuny asks if Mi-Cha is having a baby, and Mi-Cha insists, "I'm not pregnant."

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