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White Guy, Dark Hair

Luka tells the detective that Louise can't talk because her pulmonary contusions are getting worse. Sam translates that Louise was punched so hard in the chest that her lungs are bruised and swelling. Luka cuts her off and says that Louise's condition is critical, and that it could get worse. The detective wants to talk to Louise, but Luka doesn't think it's possible. The detective says that Louise's statement could help catch the guy, who's been raping women all over the north side. Louise is the first one who got a good look at him. Sam asks if there is something they could do. Luka looks at her sharply and snarks that Louise could blink in Morse code. He explains the healing process Louise needs to go through, which will take a week or so. There are ways of communicating without talking. It might take a while, but they could like point to letters on a board and she could blink when they hit the right one. In fact, I feel like I've seen that done on this very show before.

Abby and Carter wheel Mi-Cha to the elevator as Abby explains the history. Mi-Cha insists that she's not pregnant. Abby, Chuny, and Haleh all show Mi-Cha how to breathe through the contraction, and Abby realizes that they're not going to make it up to OB. Carter offers her the delivery, but Abby passes. Carter talks through the delivery and tells Mi-Cha when to push. People nearby are totally trying to pretend they're not watching a baby be born. The baby comes out and Carter announces that it's "a beautiful, healthy baby boy." He holds the squalling baby up for Mi-Cha to see, and Mi-Cha says calmly, "That's not my baby. I didn't have a baby." Abby and Carter look at her like, "Jigga wha?"

Later, Haleh reports to Carter that Abby's having a hard time breaking through Mi-Cha's denial. Carter acts uninterested and suggests a Psych consult. After some egging on from Haleh, Carter agrees to check in with Abby shortly. Luka walks behind the desk and Frank brings up that he heard about Luka and Sam moving in together. Luka seems slightly amused, and then spots the detective nearby, on a pay phone.

Luka walks into Trauma Yellow, where Sam is cleaning up, and wonders why the detective is sticking around. Sam roughly tells him not to be so dismissive of her in front of people. Luka says that Louise deserves privacy, and Sam says that she also deserves a chance to help police find her attacker. She reminds Luka that there are other options, like deflating the crike balloon so that Louise can whisper. Luka can't believe that Sam wants to take Louise off the vent, and Sam says that she does it every time she has to suction Louise's chest anyway. Luka agrees that it's technically possible, but wonders why they would risk it. Sam thinks Louise wants to help, and Luka asks if Louise wants to help or Sam wants to help. He adds softly that Sam is sensitive about these kinds of cases, and always wants to stand up for women who have been assaulted. Sam retorts that Luka does too, and Luka hesitates and asks if it's because of her relationship with Steve. Sam says, "Steve never raped me." Luka asks if there was physical abuse, and Sam changes the subject and says it's irrelevant. She kicks it promo-style: "There's a violent rapist out there. How are you going to feel in two days, two weeks, a month from now, when we get another woman like Louise in here?" Sam stares at Luka real hard. Malik bursts in to report on another one of Luka's patients, and Sam tells Luka to go, then juts her lower jaw out defiantly.

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