White Guy, Dark Hair

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White Guy, Dark Hair

Abby fills Carter in on Mi-Cha's mother, who is waiting in the family room. Carter lectures that teenage denial can be "fairly intransigent," and that you can't attack it head-on. Remember when Abby was good at her Psych rotation? The writers apparently don't. Carter bursts into Mi-Cha's room, and Mi-Cha lisps that it's hard to sleep with the baby crying. She wants to go home, and Carter says they're still waiting on some test results. Mi-Cha wants to leave because her parents get mad if she's not home after school. Carter asks Mi-Cha if she's checked out the baby, who is nearby. Mi-Cha wonders why everyone keeps asking her about the baby. Abby asks if she likes babies, or ever wanted to have one. Mi-Cha says maybe when she's married, but seems confused. Carter offers to let her hold the baby. Mi-Cha asks why she would, and adds that his mother should be dealing with him. Carter tells her to calm down, and he and Abby leave. Mi-Cha asks if she'll get to go home soon, and Carter cheerily says that he hopes so.

Once they're outside, Abby asks if Mi-Cha is pretending to be confused or if she really doesn't understand that she just gave birth. Carter doesn't know. Abby reminds him that she can't break confidentiality and tell the mother about the baby. Carter spots Mrs. Pak walking toward them. Can't they tell Mi-Cha that her mother is there, though? At least then she'd stop worrying about getting home before her parents. Carter tells Abby to call his crush in Social Services, as well as Psych. He greets Mrs. Pak.

Neela finds a paramedic wheeling in a Girl Scout with a head bandage. The paramedic gives the bullet, which includes the nugget that the patient is forty-three years old. Uh, no she's not. It takes Neela a minute to catch on. Shane West greets another incoming patient, who is described as a twenty-eight-year-old male with a penetrating injury, except she's a twelve-year-old girl on a cell phone. Shane West catches on to the discrepancy right away. Malarkey gets the next fake patient and asks what's going on. The inspector or whatever marches in and asks Malarkey if he's the incident commander. God, no. She explains that this is a drill, and starts her stopwatch. Malarkey yells for Dr. Lewis.

The detective approaches Sam and says that he got some background on Louise. She's been a widow for five or six years, and has no children or other family. Sam thanks him and turns to leave. The detective says that the rapist uses the same MO, and has attacked four women in the last five weeks by posing as a pizza guy who is confused about the apartment number. The detective sighs and advises Sam not to open her door to anyone she doesn't know. Sam asks if the other victims are going to be okay. The detective says that the guy rapes them, but also beats them severely; one died and the other three are in bad shape. The detective says resignedly that each victim has helped the cops to get closer, and that if Louise dies, they'll just have to wait for the next one.

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