White Guy, Dark Hair

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White Guy, Dark Hair

Pratt wanders the hallways and gets updates on the drill participants, who are all prepubescent Girl Scout types. Two of the girls start complaining that they were told they could stay together, even though Pratt tries to send one of them away. The drill inspector looks on with raised eyebrows.

Susan reminds everyone to call his or her consults, because response times are being tracked as well. She trails off when she realizes that she's talking to herself. Haleh tells Carter that Wendall is there to talk to "the Korean virgin birth girl." Luka asks Frank about Jerry's whereabouts. Jerry has disappeared to avoid the Drill of Annoyance. Luka comments on how crazy the drill is, and Susan agrees. There's a way too long scene between them that seems totally ad-libbed until Shane West walks in, so I think he was late on his entrance. He wants to help a real patient. Chuny runs up and asks Susan if she really wants all the red tags in Trauma One. Susan doesn't. A Paris-type scout (read: bossy and assertive) walks up and introduces herself as Trina. Frank gives Susan the phone because the lab wants to yell at her. Susan tucks her still-awesome hair behind one ear and heaves a sigh.

Wendall talks to Mi-Cha about her high school's football team as Abby watches. Carter walks in and stands near the baby. Do you get it? THE BABY! And Carter's BABY just died! Mi-Cha reveals that some of her friends have boyfriends, but that she doesn't. I think the actress playing Mi-Cha is, like, twenty-five, and her idea of playing younger is to hunch her shoulders up under her ears and use a baby voice. It's annoying. Abby asks about Mi-Cha's parents and her curfew, and Mi-Cha says she has to be home for her brother, because she takes care of him. He's twenty-three. Wendall, Abby, and Carter all look up like, "Oh, shit. Incest." Wendall pursues the brother angle. Abby asks what they do together, and Mi-Cha gets all defensive and asks if she can take a nap. Abby tells her to get some rest, and they all leave.

Carter the rocket scientist suggests that they check out the brother. You think? Abby says that Mi-Cha's mom is still waiting, and Wendall says that she'll talk to her, and that they can designate the baby as a Safe Haven if necessary. Carter is all upset that they're going to put the baby in foster care when there's a mother and grandmother right there. Abby points out that the mother won't acknowledge the baby, and that they don't know anything about the family circumstances. Seriously. If they do suspect that the brother is the baby's father, do they really want to send the baby home with them? Carter thinks they should find out more. Wendall reminds Carter that he can't break confidentiality.

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