White Guy, Dark Hair

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White Guy, Dark Hair

Carter walks the Stride of the Righteous down the hall as he goes to save the baby. Because he couldn't save his own baby! But he can sure as hell save this one! Carter thinks Mrs. Pak is reasonable and concerned. He bursts into the family room and asks Mrs. Pak if she's noticed any changes in Mi-Cha's condition. Mrs. Pak hasn't, and wants to know what's wrong. Carter asks if she knew her daughter was pregnant. Mrs. Pak is like, "Blink, blink." Abby and Wendall are like, "Bastard!" Carter says that this morning, Mi-Cha gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Mrs. Pak says that her husband will flip, and asks how long Mi-Cha has to stay there. Carter says it'll be a couple of days. Mrs. Pak just walks out of the room. Carter stands up, in disbelief that his brilliant plan didn't work out.

Sam walks into Louise's room, where Chuny reports that Louise is awake. Chuny leaves to help with the Girl Scout drill. Sam sits down and tells Louise about her attacker's crime spree, and explains that they might be able to help her talk to the detective. Sam uses a prop to show how she can deflate the crike balloon and allow Louise to whisper, but explains that it's risky because Louise's lungs would be deprived of oxygen. Sam assures Louise that if there were a problem, the balloon could immediately be reinflated. Sam asks if Louise understands. Louise nods. Sam says they'll need to clear it with Dr. Kovac (which we all know won't happen), and that Louise will need to consent. Louise nods again, and Sam nods in return.

Carter asks Jerry for the status on one of his consults, and Jerry complains that the fake patients have everything backed up. Carter, still pissy that his confidentiality breach didn't turn out to be all sunshine and roses, yells at Jerry, and then at Frank for good measure. Sam shows up, looking for Luka, and Frank warns her away from Carter, who has "his panties in a twist," and while usually I'm all, "Shut up, Frank," he hit the nail on the head with that one. Sam tells Frank to find her when Luka returns. She also finds out that it'll be about an hour before Louise gets an ICU bed. The detective strolls by and tells Sam he's leaving for a while. Sam says that Louise is awake now, and the detective says he'll catch up with her later, implying that since she can't talk, she's of no use to him right now. The detective starts to walk out, and Sam hesitates before telling him, "There is something else we could try."

Weaver castigates Susan for keeping the drill a secret. While Susan tries to pay attention to the tongue-lashing (not like that! She's married! To a guy! Dirty!), Trina the Annoying Scout runs up and keeps offering to help. Susan tries to get her to go back to her area. Susan says that she thought the drill was supposed to be a surprise. Weaver says that a hint wouldn't hurt, and Susan needs to learn when to bend the rules. Susan says that she needs clarification on which rules can be safely ignored. From what I've seen in the last few seasons, all of them, especially if a colleague agrees to cover for you. Neela and Shane West both interrupt the conversation. Susan nearly gets knocked aside by a group of damp Girl Scouts running through the hall, followed by a soaking-wet Malarkey, who explains that he was trying to pretend decontaminate the girls in a pretend shower, but it turned into a real shower. Ha? Am I supposed to laugh at the idea of Malarkey in the shower with a bunch of eleven-year-old girls? Weaver understates that this is chaos, and Susan asks for her help with the green tags.

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