White Guy, Dark Hair

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White Guy, Dark Hair

Weaver enters a room full of Girl Scouts, who are all talking on cell phones and braiding each other's hair and suchlike. Weaver tries to get their attention verbally, and when that doesn't work, she slams her crutch on a tray. Everyone shuts up. Weaver thanks them for their attention.

In Trauma Green, Sam pulls the blinds on the window and then prepares to deflate the balloon so that Louise can speak. Once the balloon is deflated, Louise whispers, "Okay."

Luka returns to the ER, and Frank says that Sam was looking for him. Chuny interrupts to ask him a question. Luka checks a patient's chart, and then starts to enter Trauma Green, about to totally bust Sam and her crike deflation maneuver. With his hand pushing the door open, he decides he needs to check on Chuny's patient, and doesn't actually enter. Whew! Except not really.

In Trauma Green, the detective talks slowly, which is dumb, since time is of the essence. Spit it out, dude! As far as I know, Louise's hearing and brain function are fine, so you can talk at a normal rate. Louise manages to supply that her attacker was white, and then she starts coughing and an alarm goes off. Sam asks if they should stop, but Louise shakes her head and says that the guy was medium height. The detective is all nodding thoughtfully instead of rapid-fire asking questions. Dummy.

Carter stalks into the admit area, looking for a worker's comp claim form, for some unknown reason. Frank points him in the right direction. Abby reports that Mi-Cha's brother is coming in. Carter feigns nonchalance. Abby says that Mi-Cha's family sounds kind of scary in the traditional Old World sense. Abby adds that Wendall had to leave, and asks if Carter wants to talk to Mi-Cha. Carter acts like he's not involved with the case at all, and then asks Frank why there are printouts of Kem's photos in a folder under the desk. I'm wondering why the ER has a printer that can produce photo-quality 8 x 10s at the admit desk. Frank says he doesn't know what's going on, but that Malarkey was looking at the pictures. Carter takes off to find Malarkey, who is entering the elevator with some Girl Scouts. Carter yells, "What the hell are you doing downloading pictures of my girlfriend?" Malarkey is confused, and the elevator doors close before it can be pursued further. And it won't be. At least not in this episode, or ever, probably.

Carter turns around and spots the BABY! He walks into Mi-Cha's room and suggests that she look at the beautiful BABY BOY. Carter picks up the BABY! and tries to get Mi-Cha to hold him, but Mi-Cha asks why he keeps talking like that. Carter goes on and on about the BABY!, and how he's a miracle, and Mi-Cha is so lucky. Wendall walks in but doesn't speak. Carter approaches the bed with the BABY! and tries to get Mi-Cha to hold him. Mi-Cha is freaked out, and Carter is getting choked up over the BABY! Wendall says sharply, "Dr. Carter! They need you down the hall." She gives him a look like, "Are you insane?" Carter tries to pretend he had the best interests of the mother in mind as he walks out, all sweaty.

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