White Guy, Dark Hair

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White Guy, Dark Hair

Louise is still whispering responses. The detective asks another question, but Louise starts coughing and actually vomits. Alarms start beeping frantically. Sam holds Louise forward and quietly orders the detective to fetch Luka.

The detective runs down the hall, and Luka knows right away what's wrong. He enters the room, and Sam reports that Louise vomited. Luka says that she aspirated the vomit into her lungs. A quick shot of Louise shows vomit bubbling out of her crike tube. That's a new low for the Vomit Comet. The detective asks if Louise will be okay, and Luka explains what happened, adding that there will be no more questions. So he totally knew what Sam was up to. Sam cuts her eyes at Luka like, "I'm so busted."

Sam leans against a wall in the hallway as Luka quietly castigates her for doing such a risky procedure. She says tearfully that she didn't expect the vomiting, and that she was just trying to help because it's what Louise wanted. Luka says that it's what Sam wanted. Sam is silent. Luka asks if anyone else knows what she did, and Sam says it was just the cop.

Chuny calls them back into Trauma Green, because Louise's vitals are dropping. Luka looks at a chest X-ray, and declares it a whiteout. Sam asks if it's from the contusions or the aspiration. Luka snits, "Does it really matter at this point?" Sam looks chagrined.

Abby tells Carter that Mi-Cha's brother is here. Carter is back to pretending he's not involved. Abby reports that the brother is twenty-three but developmentally delayed, and that Wendall is talking to them now. She invites Carter to join her. Carter's not interested. He claims.

Abby enters Mi-Cha's room and introduces herself to the brother. He talks through his daily routine, and Abby keeps her eye on Mi-Cha's reactions. Wendall asks what they do when Mi-Cha gets home from school. The brother hesitates and then rapid-fires, "She stays home with me she doesn't go out ever she never leaves." Mi-Cha asks what he's doing and the brother whispers that he didn't tell anybody. Abby asks what they're talking about. Mi-Cha asks why he's there. The brother says he came to see her and the baby. Mi-Cha is confused. The brother stands to look at the baby. Mi-Cha slowly gets out of bed and starts walking toward the baby. The brother promises that he didn't tell anybody, just like she said. Mi-Cha stares at the baby. The brother starts crying and repeating that he didn't do anything wrong. Haleh and Wendall lead him out of the room. The baby starts crying.

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