Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt

What's that? You want to know why Lisa had to leave the baby alone? Okay. Lisa turns around, and Dark Hair asks Lisa whether they already took the baby (finally identified as May) to Radiology. Lisa says they haven't yet. "Then where is she?" Mrs. May (formerly Dark Hair) asks. Lisa goes into May's room and finds the bed empty, except for the birdcage-liner bedsheet. Lisa sets the chart down on the bed and surmises that someone must have picked May up when she was talking to Carter. She heads back to the hall out the nearer door, with Mrs. May hot on her heels. An orderly is pushing a bed around the corner, and she runs after him, asking whether he took May to Radiology. The orderly (Darrel) says that he hasn't, and that May is his next pickup; his bed contains an adult. The Tinkly Piano and Foreboding Percussion of Anxiety start their mournful tune on the soundtrack as Mrs. May quavers, "If he doesn't have her, then who does?" Thinking on her feet, Lisa says May might have been moved to another room. At the sound of a baby's crying, Lisa runs to the elevator and holds open the door, demanding, "Is that May Jeffries?" Cleo "The Vanishing" Finch is all, "Who?" Hearing Finch's voice, I'm tempted to ask the same question. Who? Who cares. Lisa explains who May is and how old she is.

Lisa hurries. Oh, how she does hurry. Haleh didn't move May. Lisa calls Security and tells them to lock down the ER. Arriving at the desk, she tells Mark she thinks she lost a baby. Behind her, Mrs. May starts sobbing, "Oh my God!" and flapping her hands. Lisa recaps the few paragraphs for Mark as Mrs. May yells, "Where's my baby? Where's my baby?!" Okay, from the way she was carrying on so unhelpfully, I was sure the plot twist would be that Mrs. May ditched the baby herself and pulled a Susan Smith. Everyone at the desk springs into action. Lisa spots a woman heading for the ambulance bay with what may be a baby in her arms; Lisa takes off running after her, but loses track of the woman once she gets outside. Lisa breathlessly looks around.

As Happy Gilmore's Grandma does another reading on one of those over-the-bed tables, a cop asks Lisa whether she saw anyone enter May's room. Lisa stares into a nearby curtain area; Mrs. May sits on a bed hugging her knees, framed by Mitchell and a guy I am going to assume is a detective. When Lisa doesn't answer, the cop repeats his question, and Lisa impatiently answers, "No! No. I feel like I should be helping them look." The cop tells her they're already searching the hospital. Lisa says she was only out of the room a minute, possibly two. Getting an idea, Lisa then suggests that the person who stole May could have been distraught over recently losing his or her own baby, and offers to check the hospital records for recent cases that fit such a profile. The cop placates her by saying he'll let her know if that's something the cops want to pursue, and asks whether she saw anyone unusual in the vicinity of May's room. Lisa spits, "This is an ER. It's filled with strangers. I've told you everything I know. I feel like I'm wasting my time, here. I should be doing something!" The cop tells her he only has a few more questions for her. Happy Gilmore's Grandma pipes up, "It's okay, dear! Sometimes God calls little babies home to be his angels!" Lisa rolls her eyes and resists the urge to plow Happy Gilmore's Grandma in the face.

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