Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt

In the curtain area, Mitchell asks Mrs. May whether there's anyone she can call to come be with Mrs. May -- her husband, perhaps. Mrs. May says she's divorced, and that her ex-husband lives in Boston. Mitchell soothingly says that the police want to ask her some questions, and asks whether Mrs. May's up for it; Mrs. May says she is. Mitchell says she'll be back when the cop has finished.

Mitchell excuses herself to the hall, where Weaver is lurking, waiting for her. Weaver asks how she's doing, and Mitchell ruefully replies, "Better than I would be." Mitchell places her hand so that it's sort of hovering over Weaver's shoulder blade without actually touching it, and directs her into a room, closing the door behind them. Okay, if Weaver's goal is not to arouse suspicion about the real nature of her relationship with Mitchell, they need to stop having these little conferences inside the ER, or cloistered in the bathroom, or in a room with a glass door, because the walls have ears, and the windows just make it easier for the eyes. Anyway. Door closed. Mitchell presses her lips together and strides over to a bed, where she sits. Weaver asks about Mitchell's meeting with Romano, which Mitchell describes as "homophobic, misogynistic -- the usual. Degrading." Weaver sits next to her and asks what Mitchell told him. Mitchell answers, "The truth -- that Shannon Wallace was a young woman experiencing a severe sexual-identity crisis; that she needed to know that being gay is not an affliction...." And, speaking of the affliction of being gay, Weaver's like, yeah, whatever, "What did you tell him about us?" Mitchell pauses, blinks, and breathes, "Oh. Oh, I see. Don't worry, Kerry -- your secret's safe with me." She gets up and stomps toward the door as Weaver yells, "That's not what I mean!" "No? No, what did you mean?" Weaver walks over to her and pulls her away from the door, squealing, "You think that I am the only one who has problems with this, that -- that it's universally accepted, but that is not true!" Mitchell hisses, "So what? So we're supposed to skulk about in the shadows because some narrow-minded individuals disapprove?" Weaver says, "No, no, I just think that you are fooling yourself if you...How many openly gay women do you know in hospital administrative positions?" Mitchell murmurs, "Kerry!" Weaver answers her own question: "None! It doesn't happen!" Mitchell asks what that has to do with anything, and Weaver says, "I am trying to explain to you why this is difficult for me." Mitchell snaps, "Guess what, Kerry? This isn't about you! This is about a confused and frightened young woman who would rather kill herself than deal with the stigma of being gay." Weaver stares at her sadly. Mitchell adds, "Maybe it is about you," and stomps out. Ooh, burn! Carpet burn!

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