Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt

Lisa rifles through a laundry hamper. Carter comes up and asks what she's doing, and she stops and says, "Nothing." She replaces all the sheets she's just thrown on the floor and stammers, "I, um, heard about a baby that got scooped up with the laundry at another hospital. I know it's stupid, I just...." Carter pretty much ignores her and asks her to help him with a "squirmer." Lisa comes around the corner as the squirmer's mom asks about adenoids. Lisa watches as cops troop in and out of the crime scene, blocked off with police tape. Carter calls her, but Haleh comes along at this moment and Lisa asks her to take over for her. Carter makes a subtle "what the fuck?" motion, and Lisa apologizes and runs over to the cop who interviewed her. "Did you find her?" she demands. "Not yet," huffs the cop, annoyed. Lisa babbles, "Okay, I was thinking, she's sick, right, so whoever took her might -- might take her to a pharmacy to get some infant Tylenol, and they'll need diapers, and formula, and..." The cop's all, whatever, crazy lady, and makes to go, but Lisa stops him by placing her palm on his chest and continues, "And it also seems to me that she's not in the hospital anymore, so shouldn't you guys be setting up a roadblock or checking the neighbourhood, or --" "We're doing everything we can," the cop patiently replies. "But shouldn't we have heard something by now? I mean, the chances of finding her get worse every passing second, right?" The cop has no response to that, and she only breaks his gaze when Finch rolls up wanting to know whether Lisa has the films on some guy. Lisa distractedly says she didn't. Finch asks whether she can try to find them, and Lisa matter-of-factly says, "No. Sorry." Finch is all, "Abort, Retry, Cancel?"

Lisa enters Mrs. May's curtain area and finds her crying, and fiddling with several snapshots in her hands. She sobs that they're the most recent photos she has. The cop Lisa'd been harassing gently asks if he may have them, adding, "I promise to return them, ma'am." Mrs. May reluctantly hands them over. Lisa says, "I know I can't say anything to change the situation. I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am." "She's my only baby," sniffles Mrs. May. Okay, fine, she's gone, you're sad, whatever. You can always have another baby. It's not like May is a unicorn. Geez. Lisa says she knows, and that she's sure May will be fine. Mrs. May moans, "Why would somebody take my baby?" Lisa shakes her head dumbly.

Mark comes up to the desk and asks Dr. Dave whether there's any news on the baby; Dr. Dave says there's nothing yet. Malik tells Mark that the labs are back on Mr. Midnight (formerly Green Shawl). Mark asks whether anything showed up, and Malik says he doesn't know, and asks what Mark was looking for. The tox screen didn't show anything, but Mr. Midnight's cholesterol level is a little high. Dr. Dave attributes it to fast food, but Mark says he thinks Mr. Midnight's on steroids: "He's got acute acne, hirsutism, aggression..." "What teenage boy doesn't?" astutely observes Dr. Dave. Mark asks the turnaround time on a steroids test: "Five days?" Dr. Dave says it's at least that, and suggests, "If you think he's using, just ask him. He might cop to it." Mark says nothing.

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