Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt

In the hall, Dr. Dave asks, "What are you doing?" Mr. Midnight Sr. spreads his hands and asks, "What?" Dr. Dave slowly points out that Mr. Midnight hurt himself, and that he needs a little compassion from his father, not humiliation. Mr. Midnight Sr. brays, "You don't know him! He needs discipline! He's always doing stupid stuff like this!" Dr. Dave murmurs, "You ever wonder why? Maybe there's a reason he behaves this way." Mr. Midnight Sr. plants himself more firmly on the ground and yells, "Yeah. It's called being crazy. And the cure for it is a good kick in the ass." Dr. Dave says, "Around here, we call that abuse, man." Mr. Midnight Sr. dismissively tells Dr. Dave to "get out of here," and tries to brush him aside with the back of his hand on his way back into Mr. Midnight's room. Dr. Dave tries to hold him back, but Mr. Midnight Sr. slams Dr. Dave into the corner and snarls, "Go work on your golf game, Doc!" With both arms folded and pressed against his chest, Dr. Dave evidently has no choice but to head butt Mr. Midnight Sr., sending him reeling back toward the doorway, where he upsets a tray of...whatever. Stuff. Do you really care? Mark comes around the corner at this point and demands to know what's going on. "Golf?!" Dr. Dave spits. Mr. Midnight Sr. threatens to sue Dr. Dave's "ass," as Mark stands between them. Dr. Dave invites Mr. Midnight Sr. to "kiss it while [he's] at it." Mark sends Dr. Dave away. Dr. Dave protests that Mr. Midnight Sr. is abusing his son, but Mark repeats the order for Dr. Dave to leave. He tries to examine Mr. Midnight Sr.'s aching, head-butted head, but Mr. Midnight Sr. shakes him off.

Near chairs, a guy in a gown is in a lot of pain as Lisa tries to draw his blood. Out of focus behind Blood Guy is Mrs. May, in chairs, looking forlorn. Blood Guy, wincing, asks Lisa whether she's ever drawn blood before, and she curtly says she has, and apologizes for the difficulty she's having in finding his vein. Blood Guy yells that he needs another nurse, and she angrily shushes him and tells him she's taking a break. "Yeah," he says, like he just convinced her to do it, and gingerly pokes at his sore arm as she hoofs it over to Mrs. May. Lisa asks if she can get her anything, and Mrs. May bitterly replies, "Just my baby." Lisa replies, "I'll check the vending machine, but you're going to need a lot of quarters." But seriously, folks, Mrs. May, twist the knife, why don't you. It's all about you, isn't it? "My baby." Well, what about Lisa's terrible, awful, no good, very bad day? Yeah. Don't care about that, do you. Selfish cow. (Just kidding.) Lisa suggests that she go home, since someone will surely call her if they hear anything. Or at least Mrs. May could go to the bathroom and apply another three or four layers of makeup, because she's only another layer or two away from the base coat, and after that there's just the primer underneath. Dude. She has a lot of makeup on. I know she's having a bad day, but wow. Anyway, Mrs. May says she doesn't think she can leave without May. Lisa nods, and goes back to Blood Guy. He looks just overjoyed at her return, and mutters, "Oh, not you again." As she sets to drawing his blood, again, the radio beeps, and a paramedic calls to say they're bringing in an infant girl found abandoned on an El platform. Lisa immediately ditches Blood Guy and beats it to the desk, asking whether there's any sign of trauma; there isn't. Alert? Hard to tell -- she's a baby. Making eye contact? Not really. ETA? Less than five minutes.

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