Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt

In yet another bedroom, John Carter "Hey -- Wood!" wakes up to the sound of an alarm going off very faintly. As he rolls his head over, he finds himself sharing the bed with a black lab, who licks his face. At the sound of chow being poured into a bowl in the kitchen, the dog leaps off the bed and gallops toward the food. Carter gets up, throws the blanket around his shoulders, and follows the dog into the kitchen to greet Rena "Samantha Skankchez" Trujillo. That it is her apartment in which Carter's waking up comes as a surprise to exactly no one. She makes a joke about his "toga," and he says he's lost his clothes. She tells him that his pants are on the couch, and that Norman (the dog) had Carter's socks, so she put them in Carter's shoes. Hey! I know a sexy lady in Chicago who lives in an apartment and has a dog named Norm! She's too good for Carter's ass, though. Stupid banter about the dog's name, as if anyone cares. Carter, with his hand on the bathroom door, enthusiastically says he does; as he turns the knob, the toilet flushes, and a surly-looking girl comes out. She balefully glares at Rena, and goes into her bedroom, slamming the door behind her. "My roommate," Rena explains. Carter observes that said roommate "seems a little angry," and Rena says she thinks they kept her up the night before. First of all, gross. Second, I don't blame her for glaring at your inconsiderate asses. Carter decides he doesn't have to pee, after all, I guess, because he comes back to the kitchen counter as Rena opines that her roommate is probably more jealous than angry. Wow, sisterhood is powerful! Catty bitch. Rena offers Carter some tea; he asks for coffee, but she says she doesn't drink it. He says it's okay, and digs into the plate she's set in front of him. After a moment of awkward silence, Rena says she doesn't "usually do this -- bring somebody home." Carter says he doesn't, either, but leaves off the fact that his reason is that his grandmother would give him a spanking and then ground him for a month if he did. Rena flirts that maybe they can do it again sometime. Carter asks, "What about...?" and gestures vaguely in the direction of Rena's roommate. Rena chuckles that he'll have to be quieter next time. "Me?!" Carter exclaims, and she says she thinks he yelled "stat!" She laughs really fakely. I don't like her. I know she's supposed to be young and awkward in the ways of love, but she's all...clingy. I don't know. She's trying too hard. Her smile is too forced. Don't like her. She watches him eat; he avoids her eye and asks whether she's working today. She says she has a lecture in the morning, but that she'll be in around 1 PM. He asks if she wants to have lunch, and she agrees. Bleh.

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