Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt

Lisa and Carter head out to the ambulance bay to wait. Lisa pretends to care about whether Carter's talked to Rena, but when he starts to answer, she snaps, "Where are they? It's been, like, ten minutes." Inside, Mrs. May anxiously awaits the ambulance, too. Lisa says she hopes the baby is May. Carter says it has to be, because it's 10:47 and almost time for the news. The sirens approach, and the rig pulls up. The second it's stopped, Lisa starts pounding on the back doors and yelling for the paramedics to open up. "Okay!" yells the paramedic, and gives the baby's pulse ox, which is low. "Is that her?" Carter asks, as the paramedic puts the baby in Lisa's arms. "It's her," Lisa says, with cautious relief.

Inside, Lisa hustles May to a trauma room and basically starts running it as if she were still officially a med student, and Luka, Carter, and Haleh aren't there. There's some idle talk about why someone would take her and then leave her at the El station. Mrs. May runs up, sobbing, "May?" Malik gently leads her out as Carter assures her everything will be fine. Luka tries to take over, but Lisa asks him to let her run it, so he does. She gives a long string of orders and then asks Luka whether she forgot anything. Luka smiles that she didn't. Aw. Lisa's back! And better than ever! The baby cries, but she seems basically fine.

At the desk Dr. Dave flicks through the rack of charts and complains that there aren't any traumas. Finding a case that intrigues him, he pulls the chart, but Mark snatches the chart away. Dr. Dave says that the case is his, but Mark says it's not, and that Dr. Dave should go home. Dr. Dave protests that he's on until 8 PM, but Mark tells him that he's not, and that he's suspended for the rest of the week. Can Mark do that? Dr. Dave asks whether Weaver knows, and Mark says she will. Dr. Dave asks, "Is this because I defended myself?" At this point Elizabeth -- GAH -- trots up calling Mark's name, so in lieu of answer, Mark snots, "Goodbye, Dave." You can't really tell because of the way the scene is blocked, but it looks like Dr. Dave is flipping Mark off behind Mark's back. Elizabeth is all a-flutter because she just heard that Mark was "attacked," but Mark minimizes it by saying that he just ran into an elbow. She asks whether he got a CT, but he insists that he's fine and Hawkeyes, "I'm just glad I didn't opt for the surgical velcro when they put my skull back together." He asks how she's doing, and she says that Romano's trying to replace her and wouldn't let her into surgery, so she spent the weekend doing wedding stuff. Mark tells her he won't wear a kilt, and she lies that he'd look "really handsome in a kilt." God, he so would not. Behind them, Amira tells Weaver that Romano's looking for her again. Weaver is justly thrilled at this news, but before she goes to meet him, she tells Mark that something came for him today, and hands him an envelope on her way past. Mark looks at the envelope and whines, "There are my competency results! You waited 'til the end of the shift?" Weaver, her voice breaking, says, "I'm sorry, I forgot -- I've been busy." Mark berates her, "You forgot? How could you forget?" Well, gee, Mark -- you're not her world, so get bent. Then bend yourself back. Then get bent again. Unfunny bit of business where he opens the letter as Elizabeth anxiously watches, and stoically reads the paper, and then tears up the page in front of her, and she's all sad until he tells her he passed. They leave. THANK GOD.

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