Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt

That should totally be the end. But it isn't. Mrs. May tickles May. She's happy. She's not suing the hospital. Lisa comes in and says that all of May's tests came back normal, and that she'll be fine, but that they want to keep her overnight for observation. Mrs. May asks whether it's necessary, since Lisa just said May would be fine. Lisa says that it's just a precaution, and that she got May a private room, and that they'll set up a bed for Mrs. May, too. Mrs. May thanks her, and graciously fails to ask that an armed guard be posted outside their room. Lisa asks whether there's anything else Mrs. May needs, and Mrs. May coos, "She's all I need." Well, bully for Mrs. May. Lisa walks out, almost crying. This whole episode better not have been one big set-up for her urgent need to have a baby too, or else.

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