Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt

As Weaver, now dressed, crutches through Legaspi's kitchen to make her escape, we can hear Kim "Mitchell" Legaspi in the next room, narrating the story of Shannon the Suicidal Train Wreck Causer to the two detectives. Weaver passes in front of the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room, where Mitchell is. Weaver and Mitchell briefly lock eyes; Weaver looks ashamed; Mitchell looks like she's challenging Weaver with her eyes. Graham asks Mitchell whether she thought Shannon needed to be admitted on a Psych hold. Mitchell doesn't answer right away, because she's still watching Weaver furtively puttering around the kitchen, and presumably waiting for Weaver to come in and defend her, or at least act as a supportive if silent presence. Graham prompts Mitchell to answer the question, and Mitchell confirms that she did admit Shannon, explaining, "She was confused about her sexual identity, she was clinically depressed, and had spent a considerable amount of time planning to hurt herself." Weaver creeps toward the door. Credits.

Elizabeth "Red Snapper" Corday and Mark Greene "Grosser" walk down the street. Hey. "Walk"? "Street"? What is she doing out of bed? What about all that bed rest she was supposed to get? Now I'm even more sure than ever that Elizabeth's accursed spawn will die. Not that I wish anything but the best for Alex Kingston's real baby. Alex Kingston probably can't help it that her character is a bizzotch and she's saddled with Mark the Non-Magnificent to father her fictional child. Unless it's like Mad About You, where Helen Hunt's character kept getting nastier and nastier as the series wore on, reportedly because Hunt herself was such a...well, make the obvious rhyming insult here, and the writers on that show reportedly hated her and made her character ever more hateful until the last episode, where she and Paul Reiser's character got a divorce because he decided she wasn't "kind" anymore -- which, by then, she really wasn't. Could this be the reason Elizabeth's character has become such a wicked bitch? Who's to say? Anyway, Elizabeth comments that he's quiet, and he says he's "just thinking." She asks what he's thinking about, and he says it's "nothing important." With either of you two on the scene, that's a given. Elizabeth exposits, "I hope you're not worrying about this silly competency evaluation." He exposits right back that the evaluation will determine whether he keeps his medical license. She claims, "They're merely a formality," because she would know a lot more than he about the way medical licenses are governed in, you know, America. Mark pouts that "NASA astronauts take fewer tests." Yes, yes, because Mark was going to take that astronaut test that one time, whatever. He starts to remind her about the score he needs to get to keep his license, but she wearily interrupts to blow some sunshine up his ass: "Mark, stop. You're a brilliant doctor, regardless of whether you put a round peg in a square hole." "Where'd you hear I put a round peg in a square hole?" he asks, faux-anxiously, and smiles. She starts laughing, and shoves him. Someone needs to tell them that roughhousing doesn't always translate to chemistry between actors, Luka's and Lisa's pillow fight notwithstanding. Mark tells her to take it easy, expositing that she doesn't "want to shake up that kid more than he has to be." Damn, is it Exposition Expo 2001 already? She exposits, "Our baby's fine. I've taken every necessary precaution, I've been extremely careful -- I haven't had a contraction in two weeks." He sternly tells her that she still needs to take it easy. Yeah, because that was such good advice when everyone told you that after your brain surgery, right, Mark? Yeah, thought so.

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