Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt

In a curtain area, we pan from a bandaged hand to its owner's face as Mitchell tells the patient they're going to move her to her own room. The patient querulously asks, "What if Jesus comes for me, and I'm not here?" Oh, Jesus. Okay, first the bishop, and then the kid who drank holy oil because his mom thought it was holy water, and now this? There aren't any Jewish people coming to County? Amira's the only Muslim in Chicago? Enough with the Christianity, already. Good Lord. Mitchell matter-of-factly replies, "I'll have one of the nurses to send Him upstairs." The patient gratefully thanks her. Weaver enters and asks Mitchell if they may speak.

In the hall, Weaver small-talks, "So, Bloody Mary's back, eh?" Mitchell distractedly says she's harmless. Weaver says she tried to page Mitchell; Mitchell deadpans, "Yeah, well, it's been pretty crazy upstairs, and not just because of the patients." Weaver, trying for "breezy" but hitting closer to "nosy," asks what the cops wanted. Mitchell bitterly chuckles, "Oh, you should have stuck around! It was quite a little party." Over the second sentence, Weaver sheepishly says she had to be at work at 7:30. "So did I," Mitchell snaps. They arrive at the women's washroom; Weaver opens the door and stands expectantly until Mitchell follows her in. Weaver quietly says, "I didn't abandon you on purpose." "I didn't say you did," Mitchell tolerantly replies. Weaver asks what the cops said. Instead of snapping that if Weaver's so interested, she could have stuck around and heard the whole story in a less uncomfortable environment, Mitchell says that they were following up on Shannon, and adds that they'll probably want to talk to Weaver, too. Weaver asks why, and Mitchell says, "The patient has accused me of sexual harassment." "What?" Weaver breathes. Mitchell continues, "Yeah, she told the police that I came on to her and I touched her." Weaver, taking a step toward Mitchell, murmurs, "Why would she say such a thing?" Mitchell suggests, "Well, she caused over thirty deaths -- she's probably trying to divert the heat off of herself." Weaver elaborates, "Yeah, but why would she accuse you of that? How would she even know that you were --" "Gay?" Mitchell concludes for Weaver, and answers the question: "I told her." Immediately, Weaver's voice gets hard: "You what?" Mitchell quietly says she was trying to help Shannon. Weaver covers her eyes and drama-queens, "Kim! What were you thinking?" Mitchell yells, "I don't know, Kerry! That she needed help?" Weaver snaps, "Yeah, so you disclose your personal life to an unstable patient that you don't even know?!" Mitchell tries to stammer an answer, but before she can get anything out, Haleh appears at the door and tells Weaver that one of her patients is crashing. Weaver crutches out. Mitchell calls after her, "I'll see you later...?" and Weaver's all, whatever, "Yeah."

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