Witch Hunt

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Witch Hunt

GOD. Anyway. Back down in the ER, this old dude is sitting in the hall in a wheelchair bellowing at Haleh, "Give 'em back. Give 'em back! Give 'em back!" Lisa ambles over, calls him Mr. Perkins, and reasonably politely tells him to keep his voice down. Mr. Perkins growls, "This bitch stole my teeth!" Haleh coolly says, "You call me that one more time, I'm going to put that Foley back in you." Lisa finds his upper denture plate on the floor under his wheelchair and gingerly hands them to him, saying, "You might want to wash these off before --" Mr. Perkins snatches them out of her hand and claps them back into his mouth before Lisa can finish. Haleh stares at Mr. Perkins for a second before glancing over at Lisa with a look that says, "Girl? Please!" Heh. I wish Mr. Perkins were starring in The Fighting Fitzgeralds instead of Dennehy.

At this moment, Luka comes walking up the hall, accompanied by a dark-haired young woman carrying a baby. Luka asks Lisa to help and she joins them in walking toward an exam room. Luka asks Dark Hair how long the baby's been sick. Dark Hair says it's been a few days, and that she thought it was just a cold. Luka asks whether the baby had any problems at birth, or any history of lung disease, but Dark Hair gives a vigorous no on both counts, saying that she's been a very healthy baby. Weaver comes to the door and asks to speak to Luka; he calls some orders over his shoulder as Lisa helps Dark Hair settle the baby on the bed.

In the hall, Weaver asks whether Luka's figured out what's causing Super Larry's fever; Luka says he hasn't yet, since he's waiting for the labs to come back on his blood work. Weaver pretends that's what she really wanted to say to him...for about one second, and then as he starts to return to the baby, she calls him back and comments that he's probably wondering what the detective wanted with her, earlier. Luka shrugs, "Not really." Weaver explains about the charges against Mitchell, and Luka expresses only very mild interest and a tiny eyebrow furrow of concern. He starts to head back in again when she adds that she's trying to "keep the rumours to a minimum," for Mitchell's sake. Luka's like, "Fine," and tries to leave yet AGAIN but she's all over-explaining: "I only bring it up because this place seems to feed on gossip, and in light of an investig--" At this point Amira hurries over to tell Weaver that Romano's looking for her. Weaver tries to dismiss her, but Amira goes on to say that Romano wanted Weaver to come to his office immediately, and told Amira that if Weaver didn't go up the moment she heard the message, he would fire both Weaver and Amira. Weaver books without another word to Luka, who puts his head down and tries to hide his smirk. Even his smirk is hot, people. Help me.

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