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You Are Here

Pratt finishes closing out his charts and prepares to leave. His basketball buddy from earlier shows up to try one last time to persuade Pratt to attend the party. Does Buddy want to make out with him or something? I can't imagine being that persistent to get a friend to hang out with me. I might try once or twice just to make sure the invitation was taken seriously, but this guy is like a stalker. Pratt agrees to go, and says he'll be ready in a minute.

Shane walks back in with Eugene and asks Jerry what's open. Pratt says they have a free bed, and asks what's going on. Shane says he's admitting Eugene. Pratt asks why. Shane asks Chuny to get Eugene settled in. Once Chuny takes Eugene off, Shane tells Pratt that Eugene was raped.

Sam is still treating Megan. The girl looks at the woman in the next bed and says she knows her from the building. Sam says the woman has minor burns, like Megan does. Megan starts talking about the guy who lived next door, who was weird and had a lot of stuff stacked up in his apartment. Sam chuckles. Megan starts tearing up and says that her neighbor is probably dead. Sam says she doesn't know. Megan says she called 911, and Sam tells her she's smart. Megan is outright sobbing at this point, and says that she thought 911 would respond more quickly, so she called them before she started the fire, and that she tried to put the fire out, but it got too big. Sam is shocked, but before Megan can reveal more, her mom and stepdad walk in with the baby. Megan's mom hugs her as her stepdad tries to calm the screaming baby. Sam just stands there, shocked and kind of disgusted.

Back at My Big Fat Irish Baptism, some old guy is telling a joke about Irish people and how they like to drink. Abby and Jake are outside, taking a break. Two young boys run outside with a ball. Abby catches it, and one of them says, "Thanks, lady." Jake grabs them both and tells them that her name is Abby, then lets them go. They run off, screaming. Abby comments that they're cute, but loud. Jake says they have to be. Abby asks how she's doing, and Jake says, "With ninety-nine percent of the votes in, it appears that you are a keeper." Abby asks who the holdout is. Jake says it's Aunt Cecelia, and that Abby lost points when she said she wasn't sure if there was a heaven and hell. Who talks religion the first time you meet someone's family? Although I guess it's a baptism, so it might come up. Jake says he doesn't care about Abby's non-beliefs, because he's "a pick-and-choose Catholic" himself. Abby doesn't think it works that way, but Jake says he honors his father and mother and doesn't kill, but that he has premarital sex and uses birth control. Sounds like most of the Catholics I know and love. Some more screaming kids run by, and Jake says that it's pretty overwhelming. Abby says it is, but in a good way, and asks if he'd like to hear something kind of stupid. She hesitates and then says, "I never imagined there were families like this. You're really lucky." Aw. My family's like that. Less Irish, but just as Catholic and just as loud. Just add some Yankee paraphernalia and some Genny Light and probably some belching and you've got us. I am lucky. Abby says, "Having said that, I'm really, really ready to go home." Jake laughs and agrees.

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