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You Are Here

Susan sits on her couch at home, an empty glass of wine in front of her, and stares into space, looking incredibly sad. Chuck enters the room with a fresh bottle of wine, and uncorks it, pouring them each a glass. He tells her that "Weaver and that tenure board can kiss [his] big, white, semi-hairy ass." Susan cracks up and says she shouldn't have gotten their hopes up. Chuck promises that they'll be fine. Susan says she had the money spent on a house, a college fund, and a vacation. Chuck promises that they'll figure it out. Susan says that she really wanted this. Chuck says that he knows she did, and hugs her. Aw.

Carter sits outside the hospital and calls Kem on his cell phone. He tells her that he got awarded tenure today. He doesn't sound very psyched about it, and has to tell her that it's very nice. He continues to talk to her, laughing, and tells her that he misses her.

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