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You Are Here

Carter walks into Weaver's office. She has an assistant! And he's wearing a bright purple shirt! And using AIM, based on the blooping sound effects. Carter asks if Kerry's in, and before her assistant can check, Kerry walks out of her office and dumps a bunch of work on the assistant's desk. She also blames him for her crappy coffee. Do assistants still get coffee for people? I think I need an assistant. I can't pay anything, but I won't be a bitch. That often. Duties would include getting coffee, making sure my recapping shows get recorded, walking my dog when I'm on deadline, and screening my calls. Applicants can contact me via my TWoP email account. Anyway, Weaver and Carter head for the elevator. Weaver just comes right out and tells Carter that he's been awarded tenure. He's shocked, but happy, and says he wasn't expecting it until next year. Weaver assures him that he's earned it, and then lets him know that she hasn't told the other applicants yet, so he should keep it on the QT for now. She gets into the elevator, leaving Carter kind of stunned.

Luka and Sam commute to work as "Trouble" by Pink plays on the car radio. Now, come on. Why not just find a song called "My Girlfriend Took a Pregnancy Test and Didn't Tell Me About It Beforehand So I Shall Sulk in a Handsome Slavic Manner"? Luka turns down the radio, and Sam asks if he doesn't like the radio station. Luka asks if she feels okay, because she was in the bathroom for a long time. Sam says it wasn't any longer than usual. You'd think he'd guess from her fairly chipper manner that the test was negative, but I guess the point is that he shouldn't have to guess. Luka finally sacks up and says, "So was it positive or negative?" Sam continues looking out the window and says that it was negative. Luka asks if she was going to say anything, and Sam says, "I was worried. I checked, and I was wrong. What is there to say?" I kind of agree with her there, as stated above. I mean, it might be a good reminder that they should discuss what they would do in case of an unexpected pregnancy, but I don't know that on the way into work is the best time for that discussion anyway. Sam asks if Luka would rather have it be positive. Luka says he doesn't want her to keep secrets. Sam points out that it's ironic that he says that, because he knows "all of [her] dirty laundry" and she doesn't know a thing about him. Luka denies that. Sam asks, "How am I supposed to know when you're being honest when you don't talk?" Luka says that she lied about the pregnancy test, and Sam says that she didn't lie. She just didn't tell him. Sam says that Luka does the same thing about his past and his family. Luka ignores the implied question and says that he should check the traffic report. Sam heaves a big sigh, and apparently, the conversation is over.

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