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Morris hands a chart to Neela for a patient with "cat litter ingestion, uncontrollable drooling." Heh. Neela seems about to turn it down but Pratt offers her "a butt abcess on a three-hundred-pounder," and she takes the drooling. Chuny comes in and reports that Eugene Bradley is there without a parent, complaining of pain. Pratt glances over at a teenager standing in the waiting room, and passes it off to Morris. They all reminisce about the various excuses Eugene has given them in the past to try to get more pain medication. Neela says that his disease has made him narcotic-dependent. Morris calls him an addict, and Pratt says that they have to treat him anyway. Morris tries to pass it off to Abby, but Neela says that Abby went to some family thing with Jake. Shane walks up and files some charts. Morris compliments his ability to discharge patients and hands off Eugene's chart. Shane apparently hasn't heard of Eugene, and thinks he's just a regular sickle-cell patient. Morris minimizes the difficulty of the case, and Shane takes it.

Jerry tells Morris that he has a cruel streak, and Morris smirks. Carter walks up and asks a question. Jerry turns and congratulates Carter on getting tenure. Carter wonders how Jerry heard already, and we hear the telltale blooping noise of AIM. Hee! I love that Jerry instant-messages with Weaver's assistant so as to keep up on all ER gossip. Also, when did Jerry get a huge bald spot and gray hair? It seems like only yesterday that he was playing a young Dan Conner to Sara Rue playing a young Roseanne. Jerry suggests that they celebrate, and Carter says it's not exactly official yet, so Jerry should keep it quiet.

Shane checks out Eugene's feet, and says that there's some swelling, but that they can't treat him without his mother's consent. Eugene has a note, but Shane says that unless it's an emergency, they need his mother there in person. Eugene says that it hurts really bad. Shane asks what he's taking, and Eugene says that he's taking morphine, but that the pills don't really work, and that his mom said he probably needs an IV. So far, exactly what the other doctors predicted he would say. Shane clearly knows from drug usage, so he offers to get Eugene some taxi vouchers, and says that Eugene should go home, take his pills, stay off his feet, and then have his mother bring him back if that doesn't help. Eugene complains that he'll have to wait when he comes back, and Shane tells Eugene to ask for Shane.

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