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...Abby says "Jesus Christ." I'm really not a fan of the whole "Cut to a new scene that seems to fit in with the last scene, with humorous results" style of editing, but I did chuckle at that one. Anyway, Abby is standing next to Jake while his niece is baptized. That totally wouldn't happen. Well, I guess it depends on the parish, but in my home parish, that totally wouldn't happen. I almost didn't get to be my nephew's godmother because although I am baptized and confirmed, I'm not a practicing Catholic, and they couldn't find a practicing Catholic to be the godfather, and one of you has to be. I'm just saying -- they're pretty strict about who they let participate in the ceremony, and I know Abby's not particularly religious. Abby would be sitting in the second pew with Jake's other siblings or aunts or cousins, or relegated to the third pew with the rest of the heathens. The best part is that some dude behind Abby and Jake is holding up a camcorder with one hand and it's shaky and moving all around. Ah, crappy home videos that no one ever watches. Abby looks really pretty, and Jake looks really...ecstatic, like kind of creepily so. He asks Abby if she's okay, and the priest totally busts him and gives Abby a stern look. I note that Abby doesn't respond "I do" when asked all the questions about rejecting Satan and believing in Jesus Christ. She keeps glancing around at all the iconography. Jake is, like, sweating, he's so excited. It's freaking me out. He takes the baby from his sister or sister-in-law or whoever.

The paramedics bring someone in, with the help of Morris, Pratt, Shane, and Sam. Eugene yells out to Shane that he can't walk. Pratt notes that Eugene knows the system, because now his case is considered an emergency. Shane asks Haleh for a wheelchair for Eugene. She responds, "You're the doctor." Heh. I want Haleh to be my friend. Maybe Chuny can be too, but she has really bad taste in men (see Greene, Mark). Shane gives the orders, but is interrupted by some paramedics busting through the door. Susan is with a patient who was in the fire, and she's suffering from smoke inhalation but no head trauma. She's crying and yelling about how she wasn't even supposed to be there, like whatever, Dante Hicks. Shane says that her lungs are clear as they wheel her into Trauma Yellow.

Carter has joined them, and he, Susan, and Shane try to puzzle out what's wrong with the lady. She doesn't seem to have internal bleeding, or a neck injury, or a collapsed lung. The heart monitor starts going crazy, and her blood pressure drops. Carter rolls her to look for injuries on her back. Susan says there's no history of cardiac problems. As the patient continues to fail, Carter just raises his eyebrows at Susan and we go to commercial. Whuh?

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