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You Are Here

Meanwhile, Marilyn (Carter and Susan's patient with the cyanide poisoning) is talking about some guy she met online; she was at the apartment building to meet him in person for the first time, but she got lost. Susan orders Carter to check Marilyn's lungs again. Carter says she has good breath sounds, but Susan says that the blast from an explosion could collapse a lung. Jerry pops in and tells Susan that Weaver's on the phone. Susan is annoyed, but Jerry says that Weaver wants to see Susan at 7:00 in her office. Susan asks why the appointment is so late, and Jerry says, "No life?" Heh. The doctors figure out that Marilyn isn't losing blood. Carter feels Marilyn's belly and says that there's guarding on the right. He supposes that the blast could have put a piece of glass in Marilyn's intestine. Susan says that nothing showed up on x-ray, and that her stomach wounds are all superficial. Carter orders more tests, and Susan says that she irrigated all the cuts and asks if he wants her to probe them all to prove that they're superficial. Carter does. Susan plays along, slightly annoyed, and starts sticking her finger in Marilyn's various cuts. She protests that this is useless, so of course in the very next wound, Susan's finger slips all the way in and she cuts herself on a submerged piece of glass.

Sam asks Megan if everything's okay at home. Megan says she guesses it is, and adds that her little brother is actually her little half-brother because her mom got remarried. I kind of hate the "half" designation, because it always makes me think that the kid doesn't have legs or something. Megan asks Sam to tell her mom that she "got hurt like really, really bad." Jerry comes in and says that the friends of the guy who jumped out the window didn't make it. Sam thanks him for the information, and then tells Megan to get some rest.

Sam walks out to the hall and tells Luka that they should get Social Services involved with Megan. Luka asks if her family is there yet, and Sam says they're not, but that "she is in a weird space." Luka points out that she just went through a trauma. Sam thinks there are problems at home because Megan's parents went shopping without her. Luka points out that they've done the same thing with Alex. Sam continues to argue, and Luka tells her to give the family a chance to deal with the whole fire/injury situation before calling a social worker. Luka starts to stomp off, and Sam looks pissy. Behind her back, Luka starts to walk back to her, perhaps to apologize, but then changes his mind and walks away again.

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