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Dubenko comes down to check out Marilyn's x-ray, and finds that glass punctured her colon. Shane asks why it didn't show up on the original x-ray, and Carter says that it was unleaded glass, while Dubenko adds that only heavy metal shows up on x-ray. Like Judas Priest? Dubenko yells out to Carter to congratulate him on "early tenure." Carter thanks him. Susan walks through, and Dubenko asks about the cut on her finger. Susan says it hurts, and so does her arm now, since she just got a tetanus shot. Shane reports that the rapid HIV test came back negative, and Susan is happy. She helps Dubenko to wheel Marilyn up to the OR, and asks if Weaver made the surgical tenure announcements. Dubenko says it happened first thing this morning. Susan wonders when she'll finish the ER announcements. Dubenko says that surgery only got one tenure slot. He's not helping.

Sam walks up and asks Susan to order a Social Services consult on Megan. Susan points out that Megan's Luka's patient. Sam refuses to meet Susan's eyes, and says that they just disagree on how to handle it. Susan immediately realizes that Sam and Luka are fighting, and asks if it's "lack of money, sex, communication?" Sam admits that it's the last one. Susan calls Luka over and pulls Sam and Luka aside. Susan reports that Sam thinks Megan needs a Social Services consult. Luka asks Sam if she went over his head, and Sam says that he blew her off. Susan waits for them to talk it out and, when she sees that they're not going to, says that even though they are there twelve hours a day, it's still a workplace, and if they are having troubles, they should see a couples' therapist or work separate shifts. Sam and Luka agree. Susan says that they should just call Social Services, because the parents will get there before the consult anyway. She walks off. Sam and Luka look at each other, and take off in opposite directions.

Neela blames Pratt for Morris's getting Chief Resident, adding that if he had taken the job, they wouldn't be "living this nightmare." Shane walks by and agrees that it's only Morris's first day, and there's already a mutiny. Pratt has no comment. Jerry hands Pratt a stack of pink message slips (why are they always pink?), and advises him to get voicemail. Carter asks what that's about. Pratt says that some of his friends are trying to get him to go out after his twelve-hour shift, and they just don't get it. In the background, Shane is calling someone about Eugene. Morris struts in and announces that they're having a party at Ike's tonight, and he's buying. Everyone just ignores him. Shane says he has other plans. Neela says that The Apprentice is on. ["Oh, har har, and what's on after it? Shut up, show." -- Wing Chun] Pratt is busy. Morris's smile fades a bit, and he asks Carter if he'll come. Before Carter can answer, a group walks in singing "Happy Tenure to You," which isn't even a song! I feel like Elaine Benes. Morris points out that he didn't get a cake. Carter grins, and behind him, we see that Susan is watching and trying to act happy. It appears to be Haleh, Chuny, Sam, and Jerry who were behind the whole cake thing. Everyone applauds as Carter blows out the candles. Some guy ruins the happiness by actually asking to see his injured wife. Uh oh! It's Marilyn's nearly-cuckolded husband!

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